News: New series highlights on RTL+ in July 2022

The German streaming service RTL+ of the RTL Group has presented the new series highlights for July 2022. In addition to new exclusive series originals, there are also licensed goods that make fan hearts beat faster. Some of them have even started. Here you can find the overview. You can save until July 10, 2022 […]

The Streets of San Francisco – ARD ONE – July 3, 2022, 7:25 p.m

This program is now only available in Replay. Sunday, 03. July • 19:25 – 20:15 S1 E18 • Deadly prospect Thriller series USA 1973 A witness at an organized crime trial is killed by a car booby trap, and Stone fears that the remaining witness, Roy Chaffee, will be murdered by a hitman once he […]

Małgorzata Telmińska TVN24 leaves no vision goodbye

Telmińska on TVN24 most often prepared live reports on social, less political, topics. She specialized in medical and healthy lifestyle. She sent a farewell e-mail on Monday afternoon. – It is impossible to hide – it will be a farewell e-mail. Not too long; let’s say news. After many, many years, I […]

Review: “Man vs. Bee” (Netflix Miniseries) – 9 short, entertaining episodes

“You know, there was this bee” – a sentence that triggered a turbulent comedy with “Mr. Bean” actor Rowan Atkinson describes. “Man vs. Bee” is a nine-part miniseries, less than 2 hours long in total, but without great lengths in the narrative. Even if you don’t really understand why “Man vs. Bee” had to be […]

Stranger Things 4 Season Finale Trailer – In 10 Days!

We already had pictures of the second part of the fourth season of “Stranger Things” (or officially issue 2 of part 4…) for you here, as well as some first teasers, now Netflix has its successful nostalgia format also an official trailer for the conclusion donated. First of all you will find the trailer in […]

“Ms. Marvel” on Disney+: That’s why you have to see the series

That’s why you should definitely “Ms. Marvel” on Disney+ “Ms. Marvel” is the newest member of the Marvel Multiverse. Not only does she augment it with her new superpowers, she also gives it a fresh, youthful perspective and much-needed representation of a diverse society. “Ms. Marvel”: New series on Disney+ The plot of “Ms. Marvel” […]

Jennifer Lopez, star of the MVT Movie & TV Awards

In the early hours of this Monday, June 6, the gala de los MTV Movie & TV Awardsanother of the galas organized by the television network and that is almost as important as its music gala. This year, the event was held at the Santa Monica Banker Hangar, in California, United States. The driver of […]