Zatlers explains Covid-19 infection as a need for a third vaccine

For President Valdis Zatlers, who has recently become infected with the coronavirus, the course of the disease is relatively mild. He feels relatively well and compares the feelings to a small cold, for which he is grateful for the vaccine he received. In February, Zatlers received the first pot of Astra Zeneca, in May – […]

Jelgava City Council will retain all existing benefits for large families

However, Jelgava City Council will continue to provide various benefits to all large families next year, regardless of their income, reports TV3 Ziņas. In order to express dissatisfaction with the intention to evaluate the income of large families from the new year before granting benefits, several dozen parents of large families gathered at Jelgava City […]

Certain parliamentary factions will call for the expulsion of Gobzem for several sittings due to obstruction of the work of the Saeima and disrespect

Regarding the disruption of the Saeima sitting and disrespect for parliamentary colleagues by refusing to present a negative Covid-19 test, certain parliamentary factions plan to encourage the issue of excluding Aldis Gobzems (LK) from several parliamentary sittings, TV3 News reports. The Saeima is very busy this morning – police officers, journalists, parliamentary employees. After a […]

The e-format filming of the School Youth Song and Dance Festival begins

According to the filming of performances of folk dance groups and choirs of Kuldīga and Ventspils regions on July 12, the School Youth Song and Dance Festival has started in an extremely unusual way, the car of which will arrive at the groups by July 29, TV3 Ziņas reports. In each of the 43 filming […]

Russia bans sparkling in Champagne region as “champagne”

Russia has taken an unusual step today and has banned champagne made in the Champagne region from being called champagne. Instead, this name will now belong only to Russian products. It is customary in the world to respect the traditional champagne from the region to the east of Paris, other drinks are called sparkling wines. […]

Bricklayer: At one point, the flood of occupation no longer had power over the people

Despite the pandemic, the public sitting of the Saeima did not miss this year either. The Speaker of the Parliament Ināra Mūrniece (NA) thanked both the deputies who once voted for the restoration of independence and the whole society for their resilience in the conditions of Covid-19. As usual, for security reasons, deputies gathered in […]

On the last Sunday of July, the air will warm to +25 degrees

On Sunday, July 25, the day in the country will be few clouds, no precipitation. A wind will be blowing, mostly from the southeast, and no wind is expected. On the last Sunday of July, the air will warm up to +21 .. + 25 degrees, on the coast of the Gulf of Riga in […]