Autovoucher: learn what to do to receive 20 euros off fuel

The new Autovoucher modality has already entered into force, whose discount increase went from 25 euros in five months (an average of five euros per month) to another 20 euros during the month of March, which totals an accumulation of 45 euros. The now-enhanced engine was released in November. The measure comes to help mitigate […]

Telecom operators with toll free lines from today

As telecommunications operators and other essential public service providers are required to provide, as of today, free or reduced-cost telephone lines, but the fines for non-compliance only apply in June 2022. This obligation stems from the new regime for the provision and disclosure of telephone lines for consumer contact, published in mid-June to enter into […]

From take-aways to car seals: where are we going to spend more next year

The State Budget proposal for 2022 (OE2022), delivered last night to the Assembly of the Republic, foresees some increases that will have a direct impact on the Portuguese portfolio. Here’s where you’re going to spend more if, for example, you want to pick up food from a restaurant, drive or smoke. Disposable take-away packages at […]

Fruit is 13% more expensive, but it wasn’t the only food to rise

Meat became more expensive, a fruit basket costs almost one euro more compared to 2019, but vegetables became cheaper a few cents during the pandemic. According to accounts made by TVI24 based on the latest Consumer Price Index figures and using the example of a food basket designed for one person for a week, it […]

The hand in the heart of Felipe VI at Jorge Sampaio’s funeral

2021-09-12 The King of Spain, Felipe VI, was present at the Jerónimos Monastery. Accompanied by security and without any other member of the Spanish royal family, the monarch was moved. The good relationship with the Spanish royal house is another of Jorge Sampaio’s legacies, who considered this harmony fundamental for both countries. About “Newspaper of […]

Map shows what could be submerged in 2050 if we don’t change anything

The UN has been warning about the consequences of high carbon emissions and the latest report leaves no room for doubt: we are already feeling the effects of climate change and the projections are not encouraging. But how does climate change translate into practical terms? The Sea Level Rise Program of Climate Central shows what […]

Fuel price breaks record

From this Monday, fuel prices register one of the biggest weekly drops in recent months. In simple gasoline 95, the expected devaluation is three cents per liter, which represents the biggest drop since the beginning of the pandemic. As for simple diesel, a drop of one cent and a half per liter is expected, the […]

Magnetic helmet effective in brain cancer regression

A magnetic field generator helmet has proven effective in regressing glioblastomas (GBM), a malignant tumor that is the most common and deadliest type of brain cancer in adults. It may have been just one case, but experts are looking at it with great hope. This procedure was developed by a team of physicians and scientists […]