He is the one who earned himself! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Sports: Sports critic Muhammad Al-Dawish tweeted about Musali Al Muammar, president of Al-Nasr Club, where he participated in the hashtag that some launched for the president of Al-Asfar. Al-Dawish wrote on his official Twitter account: Whatever the club president achieves, the first football team remains the measure of its success or failure.. This is […]

Pray for health workers: Pope Francis – Vatican News

Pope Francis’ Twitter message. Monsignor Joji Vadakara, Vatican City Pope Francis’ Twitter message urges health workers to help the authorities and the people. The pope’s message was with the hashtags “Pray together” (#PrayTogether) and prayer (#PrayerIntention). “We can pray that the commitment of health workers to the sick and elderly, especially in poor countries, will […]

Pope, in the name of God stop! think of the children – Last Hour

(ANSA) – VATICAN CITY, MARCH 12 – “Never war! Think above all of the children, who are deprived of the hope of a worthy life: dead, wounded, orphaned children; children who have remnants of war as toys … name of God stop! “. Pope Francis says this in a tweet asking to pray for Ukraine. […]

Politician Hilger insults Minister Piazalo as a “dirty pig”

The head of the Bavarian party in Munich, Alexander Hilger, has become abusive to the Minister of Education, Michael Piazolo. Because he did not like a corona measure, he insulted the minister. Now against Hilger determined. An investigation is currently underway against Alexander Hilger, head of the Bayern Munich party. This was confirmed by the […]

Cats and Coffee Order: Police Twitter Marathon

Neubrandenburg (dpa / mv) – The Twitter marathon of the police in the northeast uncovered unusual emergency calls on Friday. For example, I called a woman who actually wanted to order coffee. A colleague pointed out to her that she had landed on the emergency number, whereupon she hung up in shock, said a spokeswoman […]

Super models of RTX 30 GPUs may have leaked | Hardware

The now well-known hardware insider kopite7kimi shared a set of specs of potentially upcoming Nvidia GeForce graphics cards in the RTX 30 generation. It would be the Super models of the RTX 3060, RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and even the RTX 3090. The specs are nowhere near official, but kopite7kimi has shown in the past […]

Twitter now lets you choose who can reply to a tweet after posting it

Twitter continues to add functions, although the one to “edit tweet”, perhaps the most anticipated, has not yet arrived: now you can choose which accounts can reply to posts after posting a tweet. The social network founded by Jack Dorsey has allowed users to select which people since August last year can respond to conversations […]