Crispin Odey, the salmon that is not afraid of volatility | Opinion

They consider him the new George Soros, because he is making a fortune against the pound. Although in this case it is the currency of his own country: the British Robin Crispin William Odey (Yorkshire, England, 1959), known as Crispin Odey, is a manager of hedge funds, and founder of Odey Asset Management. Its reference […]

AUSTRALIA 1 Sovereign Victoria type old head 1894 Sydney fwo_775268 Monedas del Mundo

Title on the back: VICTORIA.DEI.G.BRITT.QUEEN.DEF.IND.IMP.. Obverse description: Diademed head of Victoria left. Translation of the obverse: (Victoria by the Grace of God, Queen of the Bretons, Defender of the Faith, Empress of India). Title on the reverse: 1895 EXERGUE. Reverse description: Saint-Georges, naked, helmeted, cloak floating over his shoulder, holding a sword in his right […]

Video indoor station CLASSE 100 V12B 3.5″

Video indoor station CLASSE 100 V12B 3.5″ with speakerphone2-wire technology, for wall or table mounting, with 4 control buttons for door release, call acceptance, light and door station switching, loudspeaker, microphone, two-way communication, electronic door call with 16 melodic ring tones and call differentiation for door and storey calls, volume adjustment from Ring tone and […]

Search nike squash type for sale in Peru.

Search nike squash type for sale in Peru. – Peru S/. 369,00 S/. 69,00 S/. 69,00 S/. 299,00 S/. 299,00 S/. 100,00 S/. 90,00 S/. 499,00 S/. 439,90 S/. 149,00 S/. 599,00 S/. 639,90 S/. 639,90 […]

The bank sees “limited” the impact of the rise in the Euribor on mortgages | My money

The Spanish bank asks for “calm” and “tranquility” in the face of the escalation that the index is experiencing euribor by the expectation of an imminent rise in interest rates by the European Central Bank (BCE), understanding that its impact on mortgages will be “limited” and “controlled”. They believe that the demand for mortgages will […]

«It is the banks that want to return to the variable rate mortgage»

Jose Manuel Gonzalez. / e. c. Jose Manuel Gonzalez | College of Real Estate Agents of Bizkaia Buyers have increased demand for fixed-rate mortgages in recent months José Manuel González is an economist and president of the Association of Real Estate Agents of Biscay, a position from which he lives with all the actors involved […]