Congressman Carlos Selva has a coronavirus: he is the fifth – News

The deputy of the Front of All Carlos Selva confirmed that coronavirus was infected and in this way there are five legislators to test positive for Covid-19. “I want to tell you that in the last hours I tested positive for COVID 19. I am asymptomatic. I attended the session last Thursday, complying with all […]

Congress: another deputy tested positive for coronavirus

The Secretary General of the UCR block, 65, had participated in the face-to-face session last Thursday, after which the positive of the PRO deputy was also confirmed, Julio Sahad. Bazze is symptomatic and performing protocol isolation at home. I am very grateful to all those who have worried about my health. I am fine, […]

The independence of Mendoza with exit to the sea through Chile

From the Editorial Staff of When on Monday 29, the current national deputy and former governor of Mendoza, Alfredo Cornejo, said that his province “it has everything to live as an independent country, but it does not have it today“, because “it needs Argentina and Argentina hurts it in the risk rating and access […]