Brussels shows firmness and returns London to its commitments

Barnier has warned London many times about the free trade deal “ambitious-Without customs duty and without quotation to which Johnson wishes to arrive. “I see no need to force us into a deal with the EU,” said Boris Johnson in London on Monday. POOL / REUTERS Some British leaders have trumpeted it in recent days […]

from the Canadian model to the Australian “no deal”

The Australian model is just a way of dressing up the idea of ​​a break without agreement, carefully avoiding expression “No deal”. Michel Barnier, Chief Brexit Negotiator: “Boris Johnson and we both say that we want to avoid any distortion of competition.” FRANCOIS LENOIR / REUTERS Since the Brexit referendum, London has been looking for […]

Wire, veterans of honor – Culture / Next

In the latest issue of the English magazine The Wire, who dedicates a well-seen cover to this homonymous group, Colin Newman explains the secret of Wire’s longevity: “We’ve never been a bunch of friends, we haven’t socialized so much outside of work.” It’s dry and pithy, like the tense music of these art-punk veterans has […]

Brexit: what Europeans have brought to the UK

Flowers for a “flirt” Initially, William of Normandy became king of England on December 25, 1066. On arrival, the English language was riddled with words of French origin. The flirting comes from “tell tale”, the parliament , of the “parliament” (discussion), the butler of the “bottler” (man who serves wine), the foreign “fairground” from elsewhere, […]

these new trade deals that the UK is hastening to conclude

FOCUS – To make up for the loss of access to European markets and to European Union partners, the United Kingdom is increasing bilateral agreements. An overview of the new London allies. London has signed 13 free trade agreements to develop its own market, in preparation for its exit from the European Union. Peter Nicholls […]

Gang of Four Andy Gill Disappears

We all danced, one day or another, to the music of Gang of Four. Rediscovered at the dawn of the 2000s thanks to the post-punk revival coming from New York (LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Radio 4) or from the United Kingdom (Bloc Party), this essential group of English rock had laid all the foundations or […]

Brexit causes shock waves in a Limousin village

“I have lived here for years, and I will not have a say in village life. “ Shelly England the aptly named is visibly saddened by the situation. Next March, during the municipal elections, this 61-year-old British citizen, who has lived in France for more than twenty years, should have been on the list of […]

Book: “Franco-German Brexit: Myth or Reality?” By Antoine Santoni

Published on : 02/01/2020 – 14:40Modified : 02/01/2020 – 14:40 While Britain has not been part of the European Union for a few hours, the real Brexit may not be what you think. Antoine Santoni is interested, in his last work, in the Franco-German relation, of which he is a fine expert, with a somewhat […]

How much will Brexit “cost” in the UK?

THE ECO SCAN – Many institutions are seeking to assess the past and future economic weight of the UK’s exit from the European Union. The figures vary pending the end of negotiations with Brussels at the end of 2020. At a Brexit demonstration in London on January 29. KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / AFP When trying to […]

cultural circles fear post-Brexit

“It’s a sad day for the arts“. Marshall Marcus – British and “great supporter of the European Union– had to leave his country after Brexit, voted in June 2016. The secretary general of the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) even took some musicians in his wake. Established in London in 1976, EUYO moved to Italy […]