NATO Two Scandinavian countries application movement “Agreement of all member countries can be obtained” | NHK | Ukraine situation

NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization held a foreign ministers’ meeting in Germany to discuss the move towards accession between Finland and Sweden. Secretary-General Stortemberg, who met after the meeting, acknowledged that it is possible to obtain the consent of all member states, including Turkey, which is reluctant. NATO held a foreign ministers’ meeting in […]

The Japanese government misjudged the situation … What is the secret behind the “immediate embargo” of Russian coal: J-CAST Company Watch[Full text]

“Russia has repeatedly violated serious international humanitarian law, including the killing of civilians. It is an unforgivable war crime. We must blame Russia for its outrageous acts.” Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced at a press conference on the night of April 8, 2022 that he would impose additional economic sanctions after condemning Russia’s actions invading […]

Bank of Japan Regional Economic Report 8 Reduced Economic Judgment in Regions | NHK

In the “Regional Economic Report” released on the 11th, the Bank of Japan lowered its economic judgment in eight of the nine regions nationwide. Consumption is declining due to the spread of Omicron strains, and the supply of parts continues to be in short supply. The Bank of Japan held a branch managers’ meeting once […]

Used car prices fall

Export to Russia, price change key Reports of rising used car prices continued until February. It hit the highest price in February. The reason was a shortage of semiconductors. The supply and demand is tight in the used car market. In February, the average unit price of used cars increased by 20.1% from the same […]