Griselda Siciliani in quarantine does not stop, and she does not dress!

The beautiful and talented actress Griselda Siciliani “was copied” from many other famous people in quarantine. To what Ivana Nadal, or Celeste Muriega, seems determined not to wear clothes during isolation. Related news It is seen that she is lucky to spend it, or alone, or with whom she is completely trustworthy, and so she […]

UGT asks for a multi-year plan to uncover the maximum contribution bases

The secretary general of UGT, Pepe Álvarez, was satisfied with the first and long meeting he held this Monday with the new Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, who since his arrival in La Moncloa maintains a discreet silence, which – according to all indications – it will not break until […]

Uncover the fraud of clandestine pizzas that come from Aragn

An Argentine couple of 46 and 45 years has been arrested by the Civil Guard Seprona in Arzuara (Zaragoza) after discovering thatThey sold pizzas without any sanitary control in 22 provinces, including Asturias.Argentinesthey sold the pizzas via internet and were sent to catering establishments, “catering”, hotels, pizzerias, campsites, swimming pools and individuals. The Seprona began […]

The master coup of the CIA and its German partners | U.S

It is one of the biggest cases of espionage, novel material by John Le Carré or a screenplay. For more than five decades, the CIA and the spying services of then West Germany (BND) secretly controlled a Swiss company that manufactured and sold secure encryption devices and communication lines to more than 120 countries. But […]

A recording uncovers Trump talks with donors about Ukraine | U.S

Donald Trump addressed in a meeting with donors in April 2018 the dismissal of the then US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, one of the matters that are judged in the impeachment to the president. He did it crudely, aggressively, and in conversation with two Ukrainian businessmen whom he now says he does not know, […]

A complaint in Aller uncovers a national scam selling false fish tanks

A complaint in the headquarters of the Civil Guard of Caborana (Aller) has unmasked an alleged scammer who sold fake hunt permits throughout Spain – cases have been located in León, Toledo, Córdoba and Seville. The man, who is being investigated by the Civil Guard of the Comandancia de Oviedo, is 41 years old and […]