Klarna is now the most expensive fintech company in Europe

Klarna is already the most expensive private fintech company in Europe and fourth in the world, CNBC reports. The Swedish online payment company raised $ 650 million, valued at $ 10.6 billion. The round was led by Silver Lake Partners, along with GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, as well as BlackRock and HMI Capital. Klarna, […]

New on Amazon Prime: 10 films that every film fan should watch

Amazon Prime is expanding its range of films so quickly that you can’t keep up with them. And which films are really worth it? Here are ten new movie highlights you need to watch now. Amazon Prime delights its users with one of the most extensive streaming catalogs of newer and older films. But with […]

Coronavirus signs: These new symptoms are unpredictable

It’s nothing new that Covid-19 is also attacking the brain. But new signs of coronavirus are taking on almost frightening features. Lately the reports have become new Coronavirus signs increasingly in the case of a severe course of the disease. Patients report symptoms such as hallucinations, delirium-like conditions, and even psychoses. Scientists are now increasingly […]

Hubble sees mystical bat shadows: puzzles for researchers

There is a shadow 1400 light years away from us, which not only has the shape of a bat, but also flaps its wings. That is behind the discovery of NASA’s Hubble telescope. The Hubble-Telescope from NASA has already made amazing discoveries in space. His latest discovery is a mystical bat-shaped shadow. Above all, researchers […]

NASA discovers new sun spots: could you mean

Recently, NASA discovered a new sun-spots, which could be a hint that our sun is again active. The technology behind it. 29. In may 2020, discovered the NASA dark Sun spots, which is the largest solar flare since October of 2017. This is not rare or unusual, but it could be a note on the […]

No more WhatsApp access: This user is surprisingly finished

At the moment there can be WhatsApp problems that make access to the popular messenger completely impossible for some users. Not every user can still use WhatsApp without restrictions. There are users who are suddenly denied access. The WhatsApp problems are displayed with the error message “This app is no longer shared with you” and […]

Coronavirus drug may already exist, according to a study

Vaccination would be a solution against Covid-19. But a coronavirus drug could also help us heal. A study may have come across one. We are trying a lot to finally contain the new virus. In the long run, however, only one vaccine or maybe even one Coronavirus drug fight against it. A clinical trial is […]

Mobile phone surveillance: This Samsung Galaxy, of all people, is spying on you

Your Galaxy phone could easily enable cell phone surveillance. Even Samsung now admits the error and is trying to update it. A recently discovered vulnerability makes it a popular model of the Samsung Galaxy phones possible to track its users very specifically. The Cell phone surveillance should be possible because an important component is missing. […]

Corona virus origin: 6 other viruses lurk in bats

The origin of the coronavirus is animal – the WHO assumes this on the basis of numerous scientific studies. Now researchers have found more coronaviruses in bats. The theory circulates that the Corona virus origin is due to machinations in a laboratory, but everything indicates that the virus started in bats in China in late […]

The unicorn and art

Dhe unicorn is everywhere. It is not only lurking in children’s room hells; also in the form of unicorn pharmacies in many urban corners and in numerous medieval churches (such as the domes of Erfurt or Lübeck), it is shown on large altars as a faithful companion of the Virgin Mary. Since the book “Physiologus” […]