Germany again without Dax

Whe is used to millisecond trading, minutes are a painfully long unit of time for him. On Wednesday, however, no orders were received on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for three hours in the most important trading system, i.e. a good 10 million milliseconds. No Dax, no share prices, but also no important signal providers for […]

“The question of state aid does not arise”

Frankfurt Deutsche Bank is still at the very beginning of the corona crisis. The feared wave of bad loans has not yet reached the largest domestic money house. But CEO Christian Sewing makes it clear that the bank wants to get through the pandemic without state aid. “Thanks to our strategic realignment coupled with the […]

“The Personal Tohuwabohu Must End”

Dusseldorf In the corona crisis, many people forced their work into their home office. This also applies to Hasso Plattner, the chief executive of SAP: Because he could not attend the general meeting of the software manufacturer due to travel restrictions, he sent a video message from California that the shareholders – whether in the […]

Investors refuse to buy back shares from Deutsche Bank

Annual General Meeting of Deutsche Bank 2019 There will not be that much closeness between CEO Christian Sewing (left) and Supervisory Board boss Paul Achleitner at this year’s online general meeting of Deutsche Bank. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Lots of questions, little folklore – measured by the usual drama, the online general meeting of Deutsche Bank […]

Deka wants to discharge the board of directors and the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing The fund company Union Investment already announced last week that it would vote to discharge the board of directors and the supervisory board. (Photo: Reuters) Frankfurt Deutsche Bank major shareholder Deka wants to stand behind the management board and supervisory board of Germany’s largest financial institution at the general meeting. […]

Crisis rings the cash register at Deutsche Börse

Frankfurt Apparently Theodor Weimer had a premonition. “If the markets are buzzing, then our sales will increase,” said the CEO at the beginning of February at the New Year’s reception at Deutsche Börse. “That differentiates us.” If you want to secure your equity investments, you have to join the Hessian company: “The Deutsche Börse share […]

Union Investment and DWS reject compensation system

German Stock Exchange DWS criticizes that both the short and long-term variable remuneration components are largely based on the growth of the group’s net income. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Deutsche Börse must prepare for resistance at its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday. The fund companies DWS and Union Investment want to reject the new remuneration system. […]

Virtual general meetings – exception or future model?

Düsseldorf, Frankfurt The camera direction in the Munich BMW world had clear instructions: When CEO Oliver Zipse spoke at the virtual general meeting last Thursday, it should not only be his upper body that was constantly visible at the desk. Again and again the camera took a long shot and showed the new BMW i4, […]

Christian Sewing wants to make Deutsche Bank “stormproof”

Frankfurt Deutsche Bank is preparing for a tough course of the corona crisis. “In this phase of upheaval, we have to make our bank even more weatherproof – or let’s say stormproof”, in his previously published speech by CEO Christian Sewing for the Annual General Meeting on May 20. Nobody knows what the second and […]

Permanent stress at Wirecard puts CEO Braun under pressure

With both messages, Braun officially recognizes that it is losing a significant part of its power over the Dax group from Aschheim near Munich. With the “right decisions”, the supervisory board around chairman Thomas Eichelmann reacted to harsh criticism from investors about Braun’s management style, under whose aegis the payment service provider has had to […]