Amazon’s French warehouses will gradually reopen

Published on : 05/19/2020 – 15:40 The six Amazon warehouses had been closed in France for a month by court order. They will reopen this Tuesday, May 19. The management of the American e-commerce giant and the French unions have reached an agreement. The 11,000 employees in France will resume work while respecting the protection […]

Hospital. Unions plan mobilization day in mid-June

Several unions and hospital collectives said Friday May 15 reflect on a national mobilization day for the public hospital, strained by the coronavirus crisis and for which the government has promised a “Massive investment plan. This mobilization day could take place mid-June, said in a joint press release these unions, including the Association of Emergency […]

Forecast for 2030: 300,000 additional home places needed

I.In the Corona crisis, care for the elderly and nursing is gaining increasing attention. Grateful citizens applaud or send flowers to retirement homes, politics, associations and unions demand greater financial recognition. In fact, Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) in his draft for a second civil protection law for caregivers provided a premium of […]

the debate on increasing working hours is making a comeback

Will we have to work more to restart France? The issue came back to the table again this morning on the first day of the deconfinement. For some, indeed, an extra bit of collar will be necessary in order to make up for the activity lost in recent weeks and avoid that companies find themselves […]

Number of people infected in Westfleisch’s factory increases to 230

NAfter the corona outbreak in a meat factory in Coesfeld with more than 200 infected workers, there is massive criticism of the conditions in the factory. The Münster Administrative Court rejected an urgent application from Westfleisch against the temporary closure of the slaughtering and cutting plant concerned. The company had become a “significant source of […]

government releases guide to telework

Awaited by the social partners, the government guide for “help companies and employeesTo organize teleworking was published this Saturday, May 9. Recalling first of all the framework of the law of 2017, this document takes the form of a series of sixteen questions and answers grouping together several practical cases which may have been encountered […]

Corona in the meat business: focus on accommodations

I.After the outbreak of the corona virus in a meat factory in the Coesfeld district, the authorities are targeting the hygiene conditions of the workers’ collective accommodation. Several teams from the district health office swarmed out on Saturday to test the employees of the slaughtering and cutting plant in their accommodations. The number of employees […]

Unions should not forget to fight for jobs …

ANALYSIS – The protest unions are wrong not to support employees and companies in the return to work. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are at stake. Right now, all businesses in France are struggling for their existence. Francois Bouchon / Le Figaro / François Bouchon / Le Figaro Of course, there are companies that abuse. […]