Many incidents marred the May Day demonstration in Paris

The first tensions took place only a few minutes after the departure of the procession, at the beginning of the afternoon. A very mobile group of demonstrators, wearing black clothes, gloves and masks, broke away from the main procession to clash with the police. They tried to put up a barricade using palisades and attacked […]

Thousands of doctors are on strike – because of 65 million hours of overtime

Thousands of doctors across Germany have stopped working and numerous surgeries have to be postponed. At a rally of the doctors’ union, frustration boils over. Many medical professionals are completely overworked – and angry. In many municipal hospitals, doctors took part in a nationwide warning strike by the Marburger Bund this Thursday. The doctors’ union […]

Warning strikes started at daycare centers in Lower Saxony and Bremen

The word “emergency care” is no longer a foreign word for parents in Lower Saxony and Bremen since the corona pandemic. Now the daycare centers are closed for another reason: the employees are on strike. The Verdi union has started warning strikes at municipal daycare centers in Lower Saxony and Bremen. In the two federal […]

Collective bargaining agreement reached: insurers pay office staff more money

Collective bargaining reached Insurers pay office workers more money 4/2/2022, 3:18 p.m Salaried employees in the private insurance industry will receive more money in two stages. Employers speak of an above-average increase in order to increase the attractiveness of the industry. The union is satisfied. In the collective bargaining dispute in the private insurance industry, […]

Around 50 hospitals affected by doctors’ warning strike

The doctors’ union Marburger Bund is calling on doctors in municipal clinics nationwide to go on warning strikes. The central rally takes place in Frankfurt. Nationwide, doctors will stop working for a day this Thursday. The doctors’ union Marburger Bund calls for a warning strike. The reason for this is the faltering wage negotiations with […]

Health insurance: 3 questions for Catherine Sauviat

Catherine Sauviat, associate researcher at Ires, coordinated with Renaud Gay, researcher at EHESP, a special issue of La Revue de l’IRES entitled: “Health insurance: at the frontiers of public and private”. She answers 3 questions on the occasion of the publication of this issue, to understand the issues of interference between public and private in […]

Warning strikes at airports: flights canceled

RTL>regional-news> March 22, 2022 – 6:00 p.m Clock Cologne (dpa/lnw) – Canceled flights, a test of patience for passengers, sluggish freight traffic: private security forces went on a all-day warning strike at Cologne/Bonn and Düsseldorf airports on Tuesday. In Cologne, the action began at midnight with the passenger check, then the employees in the person, […]

Chile: new government in office

On Friday (March 11), Gabriel Boric took office as President in a ceremony in Congress. The 36-year-old candidate from the left-wing party alliance Apruebo Dignidad clearly prevailed over the far-right candidate José Antonio Kast in the run-off election on December 19 last year. Boric received the most votes for a Chilean president in the […]