The aviation industry is facing a violent 2020

air traffic Seldom has there been so many issues at the same time affecting the industry. (Photo: AP) The aviation industry is used to living with uncertainties. Hardly any other industry depends so much on external factors – be it the development of fuel prices, geopolitical crises or epidemics. But rarely before have there been […]

EU and Great Britain are preparing for difficult negotiations

Brussels / London. The EU and the British government are starting to discuss their future economic and security relations, some of which start from the opposite, starting in Brussels next week. And they will probably only have ten months to make the necessary compromises. The European Ministers of the 27 EU countries equipped their chief […]

Sustainability thanks to Brexit (

Brexit actually causes a lot of problems for British farmers. They have to forego the multi-billion dollar agricultural subsidies, and exporting their products to continental Europe could soon be hampered by trade barriers. But the British government takes the exit from the EU as an opportunity to fundamentally change the agricultural sector. Many of the […]

Germany: These are the biggest challenges

AIn the beginning of a new decade, not only is the balance drawn more intensively than usual, but the future is also considered in greater depth. Thinking in decades is evident, some analysts even look back 100 years this time. But history does not repeat itself in certain time intervals, the risk of returning rather […]

EU countries approve mandate for trade talks with London | TIME ONLINE

The EU countries have agreed on a mandate for negotiations with Britain on post-Brexit relations. As the AFP news agency reports, the ambassadors of the member countries adopted a draft that London promises a trade agreement without tariffs and quantitative restrictions. At the same time, the EU demands guarantees for fair competitive conditions. The European […]

Series: The failure of a mass culture

eIt hardly takes two days because not at least one of the more than a dozen streaming providers that are now felt or public television with the broadcast of a new series or the continuation of an already halfway successful series on the market. You can’t get out of streaming at all. This does not […]

HSBC – slump in profit: major bank cuts 35,000 jobs

Thousands of jobs are being cut, more than 70 bank branches are being closed: the British bank HSBC has to save. Business has not been running in the important markets in Asia for a long time. It is an opportunity for the interim boss to prove himself. The major British bank HSBC is facing difficult […]

EU budget: the plan that will cost Germany 84 billion euros

DNegotiations, which have repeatedly been described as the most difficult budget talks in EU history, have been stuck for months. Many governments and officials in Brussels therefore chose Charles Michel, the ambitious President of the European Council, who coordinates the negotiations between the national governments. He and his colleagues have had many talks with national […]

British N26 competitors defy Brexit

Frankfurt, London The right passport can open doors. This applies to vacationers who apply for a visa abroad, this applies to employees who start a new job abroad, and it also applies to financial start-ups that expand their business to other countries. At the border between the European Union and Great Britain, passport control will […]

Star Trek star Patrick Stewart: “We live in a time of lies”

IHe often played Shakespeare in the theater, including Beckett and Pinter. In the film he once played a neo-Nazi, captain Ahab or the miser Ebenezer Scrooge in the adaptation of Dickens’ Christmas story. He became world famous as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the television series “Spaceship Enterprise: The Next Century”. In 2003 “Nemesis” was released, […]