Pedro Snchez already breaks the record for high positions by finger in the Government

Updated Sunday,     17     may     2020     –22:44 A small gap made a gap. The law requires that high positions in the ministries, such as CEOs, be appointed by thegovernmentbetween career officials of the State, the Autonomous Communities or the local Entities, belonging to theSubgroup A1. However, the Executive is allowed to impose exceptions if there is […]

Hunting for the rich

Alarms have been triggered in wealth management offices after the proposal of United We Can from a lien to fortunes from one million euros. Eager to set his own profile within the coalition Executive, the second vice president and leader of the purple force, Pablo Iglesias, launched this initiative with which, he assures, some 11,000 […]

This is how we counted the general elections in Spain in November 2019

3.56 points less participation than in April Participation at two in the afternoon in this Sunday’s elections is 37.93 percent, which is 3.56 points less than in the general elections of April 28 at the same time (41.49 percent) , and the decrease is registered in all the autonomous regions and autonomous cities. The undersecretary […]

The CIS gives the PSOE up to 150 seats in the 10-N elections | Spain

The PSOE would clearly win the elections on November 10 with 32.2% of the votes and a range of between 133 and 150 seats, according to the latest barometer from the Center for Sociological Research (CIS) published on Tuesday. In the most favorable scenario for Pedro Sánchez, the socialists would add an absolute majority with […]

This is how the government made the “second country with more test” hoax

Saturday,     25     April     2020     –         22:57 Month and a half after the decree of the state of alarm we still do not know how many testsPCR-the most reliable- have been made in Spain. This is the story of how from the Government, in the worst of the pandemic and in full controversy by the fiasco […]