Wrong parking is worth it: Freiburg study – WELT

Auto-News Wrong parking is worth it Freiburg study Status: 09:05 a.m | Reading time: 2 minutes Wrong parking can be economically worthwhile Which: SP-X Morally wrong, economically right: If you don’t buy a parking ticket, you park your car cheaper than honest road users. SPX/Fribourg. Illegal parking can be worth it. For example in Freiburg, […]

Munich University of Applied Sciences – Faculty of Industrial Engineering

Summary of the qualification goals of consecutive master’s degrees in industrial engineering The consecutive master’s degree in industrial engineering aims to expand and deepen skills from a WI bachelor’s degree. Graduates are able to combine methods and research results from engineering and economics and apply them to complex tasks in companies, public administration and scientific […]

University of Munich –

Privacy Notice What you should consider when using social networks Munich University of Applied Sciences appreciates the communication opportunities offered by social media. However, it draws your attention to the fact that just clicking on links to these services can result in the transmission of personal data. This is independent of whether you are a […]

Paul Breitner: “We live in a time of equalization, of mainstream”

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