Elon Musk officially quits buying Twitter

Written by Mohammed Elkorri on Sunday July 10, 2022 Billionaire Elon Musk announced on Friday that he had withdrawn from the takeover of the social network Twitter. The transaction was estimated at $44 billion. The owner of Tesla justified his renunciation of the acquisition of Twitter by the “violation of several provisions”. Thus, he sent […]

the “American Stonehenge” targeted by a mysterious explosion in Georgia

It is nicknamed the “American Stonehenge”. Located in the State of Georgia, this strange granite monument engraved with esoteric inscriptions in twelve languages ​​was the target of an explosion on Wednesday 6 July. US state authorities were looking for the perpetrators on Thursday. Named the “Georgia Guidestones”, these six blocks of stone were raised in […]

TikTok launches alerts to limit its addiction

The video application is rolling out a new feature from July 4, dubbed “screen time break”. This tool allows “to control the time spent on TikTok” after a “period of uninterrupted screen time”, details the company in a Tweet published on July 4. It is now possible for everyone to define their maximum screen time […]

manipulation to distort the outcome of matches

Unheard of, never experienced at the IRT football club after its “miraculous” maintenance with the greats of the professional Botola I. “We accuse” is the watchword that has just circulated to the Tangier team where a lot of ink has flowed. Here and there, there is even talk of the intervention of high authorities of […]

visit of the FAR Inspector General to the field hospital

Written by Anass MACHLOUKH on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 The Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces, Commander of the Southern Zone, Belkhir El Farouk, paid a visit to the medical-surgical hospital in the commune of Taliouine. A visit which follows that carried out two days earlier by his American counterpart, Andrew Rohling, Commander of […]

a gas station blocked following a national strike

Users who take the A10 towards Bordeaux this Tuesday morning and who are used to refueling at the Estalot service area, in Saint-André-de-Cubzac, had the unpleasant surprise of see blocking access to the pump. “No fuel distribution, nor sale in store will take place on these relays” declared a CGT union delegate from Argedis, a […]

Due to a software problem, NASA postpones the launch of the Psyche mission

The Psyche mission’s launch window for 2022, which will be open from August 1 to October 11, will end before the spacecraft’s flight software is ready. A delay in the delivery of the software and its test equipment prevented the Psyche team from having enough time to perform pre-launch testing. Engineers want to be absolutely […]

Jamaican Jackson sets the 3rd time in history

Jamaican Shericka Jackson set the third time in 200m history in 21.55 seconds to win her country’s Athletics Championships on Sunday in Kingston, three weeks before the Worlds. After her 100m victory on Friday, Jackson announced that she was under pressure for the 200m, but she did not hide her surprise when she saw her […]

the condition of the injured officers is stable

The state of health of the two members of the security forces and the 33 assailants is stable, specifies the same source, knowing that some 140 members of the Moroccan security forces were injured, according to the Moroccan authorities. It should be noted that of the 2,000 migrants who caused this tragedy, 130 migrants managed […]

Together! loses seats, NUPES wins and RN makes a breakthrough in Aquitaine

Even before counting the ballots, once again, it was abstention that marked this second round of the June 2022 legislative elections. In total 54% of voters abstained for this second round against around 52% during the first ballot. A trend also observed at the departmental level, with generally less mobilization in the Landes or Périgourdins […]