Inclusion in the day-care center: How to make the right choice

Dhe advantages of inclusive day-care centers are manifold: Here the educators can respond individually to the needs and needs of the individual children. At the same time, the children learn from each other and gather important experiences from which they can benefit for the rest of their lives. But by no means all day-care centers […]

Smartphone is said to damage children’s brains

The child is crying and whining? A smartphone or tablet will help. Only: It’s not a good idea to put small children in front of a screen, as a new study shows. This can cause lasting damage to your brain. Scientists from Singapore have examined the effects of mobile phones and the like on children. […]

Strong support for strong children

Resource- and practice-oriented – the new event program of the Bethanien Center for Development and Further Education is based on these two aspects. Various aspects of everyday work are covered in the area of ​​educational assistance and day-care centers, from imparting specialist knowledge to personality issues to team-building measures. The further training offers are not […]

Violence in the Middle East: Building bridges with education

The discussion about renewed escalation between Israel and the Palestinian territories continues. An interjection by the Ambassador of Israel in Germany. Israeli police secure the site of another attack in east Jerusalem, in the Silwan district Photo: Ilia Yefimovich/dpa What makes a 13-year-old boy want to murder people? Muhammad Aliwat got up on Saturday morning, […]

is this still ok Kayla is a teacher and THIS is her work clothes

Parents not very enthusiastic about XXL breasts is this still ok Kayla is a teacher and THIS is her work clothes Kayla Lemieux from Canada was born a male, now works as a teacher. The parents are anything but enthusiastic about their XXL breasts. Twitter/Martin Richard September 27, 2022 at 9:20 p.m What is particularly […]

“Daio Paper’s Soshi” who melted 10.68 billion yen, went out to Shaba and went to the hot battlefield of the casino again … Mototaka Ikawa’s “Melting Again” (1)[Pre-release](Mototaka Ikawa) | Modern business

Sucked into the casino again The presidents of some listed companies sank into casinos in Singapore and Macau and melted 10.68 billion yen. Gambling money was withdrawn from a subsidiary with a single phone call. “Baccarat Wandering Record” by Mototaka Ikawa, the third generation of the founder of Daio Paper Corporation (at that time), made […]