US ruling and opposition senators seek secondary sanctions on Russian oil banks | Reuters

US Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen (pictured) and Republican senators on Sept. 20 agreed to tighten the price caps set by the Group of Seven (G7) on Russian oil in response to the invasion of Ukraine. , called on the Biden administration to impose secondary sanctions on international financial institutions. REUTERS/Tom Williams/Pool via REUTERS [ワシントン […]

US agrees with Google on research and development of semiconductors | Reuters

The U.S. Department of Commerce announced on the 13th that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Alphabet Inc.’s Google have agreed on a research and development agreement to manufacture semiconductors that can be used for the development of new nanotechnology and semiconductor devices. did. Photo taken in November 2021 (2022 REUTERS/Andrew Kelly) […]

Interest rate hikes may continue, pace may slow down = FOMC minutes | Reuters

[ワシントン 17日 ロイター] – Fed policymakers said U.S. inflationary pressures were easing in the minutes of the July 26-27 Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting released by the Federal Reserve on Wednesday. “There is little evidence,” it said, citing a policy of slowing the economy as much as necessary to curb inflation. The Fed’s July […]

U.S. government considers U.S.-made fighter jets to Ukraine | Reuters

On July 22, the National Security Council (NSC) Strategy Public Relations Coordinator Kirby said he was considering providing Ukraine with US-made fighters. The photo shows military aid supplies arriving at an airport on the outskirts of Kieu. Taken in February (2022 Reuters / Valentyn Ogirenko) [ワシントン 22日 ロイター] –The National Security Council (NSC) Kirby Strategic […]

Ukrainian Air Force Discusses Training Possibility with US and Allies | Reuters

On July 20, the state and allies began to consider the possibility of training Ukrainian Air Force fighter pilots. The photo is a monument of the Ukrainian Air Force. Taken on the 15th in Binniza, central Ukraine (2022 Reuters / Valentyn Ogirenko) [Aspen (Colorado, USA) 20th Reuters]–The United States and its allies have begun to […]

US Treasury Secretary meets South Korean President on 19th, final destination for Asian visit | Reuters

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (pictured) will meet with President Yoon Seok-you and other government officials in South Korea, the final destination of his first visit to the Indo-Pacific region after taking office. Representative photo taken in Nusa Dua, Indonesia on the 15th (2022 Reuters) [ヌサドゥア(インドネシア) 18日 ロイター] — US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will […]

Iran has the ability to manufacture nuclear weapons-Adviser Hamenei = Al Jazeera | Reuters

Former Foreign Minister Kamal Haraj, senior adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali, said yesterday that Iran has the technical capabilities to manufacture nuclear bombs. The photo is the flag of Iran. Taken in Tehran, November 2009 (2022 Reuters / Morteza Nikoubazl) [ドバイ 17日 ロイター] –Former Foreign Minister Kamal Haraj, senior adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah […]