In 4 Days There Are 300 Shootings in the US, 124 Dead and 325 Injured

WASHINGTON DC, – In the four days from Friday (3/6/2022) to Monday (6/6/2022) there were 300 recorded shootings in the United States (US), with 124 people killed and 325 injured. A Philadelphia school teacher, an Arizona teenager, and a Chicago police officer were among hundreds of people shot over the weekend. The data was […]

Eighteen-year-old boy shot dead in US supermarket US Shooting

New York: An 18-year-old white man has been shot dead in a supermarket in an African-American supermarket. Three people were injured. Peyton Gendron, who fired, tried to kill himself when police arrived, but eventually surrendered. The racist violence that rocked the U.S. took place at 2.30pm on Saturday at the Tops Friendly Supermarket in Buffalo, […]

Mass shooting in Sacramento USA, 6 killed and 10 injured, suspect still at large

SACRAMENTO, – Police in California are looking for suspects in connection with a mass shooting in downtown Sacramento United States (US), which killed six people and injured at least 10 others. Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester told a news conference that police were patrolling the area at around 2am local time (17:00 GMT) on […]