Why the banking crises don’t end

The banking system in free fall Regulators and politicians around the world are trying to allay fears of a new banking crisis. But the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank and the emergency merger of UBS and Credit Suisse were not the end. Even after the experiences of 2008, it was not possible to regulate the […]

Hama launches a new multi-socket with USB to improve connectivity at home

Following this line, Hama has explained that the new strip is “ideal for quickly charging several devices via USB at the same time, this multiple socket strip allows you to connect up to 4 electrical products through 1 grounded socket and 3 USB connections”, Hama explained. Regarding its design, the device integrates two USB-A plugs […]

Sale of computer equipment – Brussels

Rewrite this content Over 95,000 computer products accessible via our website All the computer hardware which you need Are you looking for a desktop computer, a laptop, an accessory, consumables, a printer, a monitor, a smartphone…? Optishop offers you 95,000 computer and telecommunications references, available with a simple click of the mouse, service […]

Apple: know this little encouraging detail of the next iPhone 15

Apple usually receives claims for failures in the iPhone. And in this sense, most of the leaks have confirmed that there will be more criticism. During this year, controversy and criticism have been based on the screen in the iPhone 14, a 1,009-euro smartphone that has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and not 120 […]

Samsung EO-IC100 USB Type C White – Wired headphones

Samsung EO-IC100 White, USB Type C connection and balanced sound in your ears Wired headphones – USB Type C – Stereo – AKG fit – Comfortable materials – White representation / realization Type of product Helmet Wearable headset style Earphones Recommended use Calls/Music helmet type Binaural Product color Blanc Volume control Bouton Control unit type […]

more than a hundred people under investigation

The investigations by the prosecutor did not stop – with the issuance of the precautionary custody orders, decided by the judge for the preliminary investigations – which are continuing unabated in recent days in order to verify the existence of other offenses and crimes committed in the ‘scope of the maxi investigation that saw eight […]

USB-C, a less universal connector than it seems

After one of the endless tug-of-wars that European bodies have accustomed us to, Parliament and the Council have agreed and proclaimed this week that all battery-powered electronic devices sold in the European Union will have to be able to charge with a USB-C format cable. The rule will apply from the end of 2024 and […]

Probably next week EU agreement on charging with USB-C cable | NOW

All telephones, tablets and other consumer electronics in the European Union must be able to use a standard charger with a USB-C connection. A final agreement on this is expected to be reached on Tuesday, reports Reuters Friday. According to the news agency, the EU Member States and the European Parliament have reached an agreement […]