The federal government’s stimulus package must be credible

It is the federal government, otherwise so fixated on the black zero, that launched the largest aid program to date in the corona crisis. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) now want to have the huge acute aids followed by an economic stimulus program. This is sorely needed despite the aid […]

“We must take into account the social utility of jobs”

The coronavirus epidemic has highlighted that certain hitherto under-valued professions were essential. How to register this awareness over time? Cyril Chabanier: Let us build a new social contract and a new status for the worker, with rights attached to the person. For several years at the CFTC, we have carried the idea that we must […]

US Federal Reserve makes it easier for banks to access short-term loans

Fed chief Jerome Powell In contrast to the financial crisis, the Fed boss now wants to show more transparency from the start. (Photo: dpa) Washington The US Federal Reserve makes it easier for commercial banks to access their loans in the corona crisis. To this end, the requirements for short-term so-called intraday loans would be […]

On developing countries: KfW board member Joachim Nagel

Dhe corona crisis demands sacrifices to an extent that we have not known since the founding of the Federal Republic; medically anyway, but also socially and economically. Unfortunately, at the moment nobody can reliably predict how long the situation will continue and, if it finally stops, what damage the pandemic has left behind. “The situation […]