Dominica about her father’s secret. Karel Gott († 80): WHY DIDN’T LIKE HAVL!

In connection with the film Havel, which is currently entering cinemas, it became clear that the former dissident and president Václav Havel († 75) could not have been named Karel Gott († 80) at the time. “Dad didn’t have to have him for many years,” she told the newspaper Aha! the singer’s eldest daughter is […]

Havel Review: The film is a timid portrait of conscience

The novelty is popular with its genre “origin story” in the biographies of real people and comic book superheroes, in this case the story of how a timid playwright became the president of Czechoslovakia and later the Czech Republic. The narrative begins in 1968. After a demonstration of intoxication of moments of freedom and their […]

Another 43 lines return to the air. Prague Airport is waking up from viral paralysis

Air traffic at Prague’s Václav Havel Airport continues to strengthen, with another 43 routes resumed this week from ten airlines, including connections to the Greek islands or Edinburgh. At the end of the week, the airport will have regular flights to 57 destinations, which is half as much as in the previous week. From Wednesday […]