Three seconds before turning over, Martín Elías’ truck was going at 159K / H

The Fourth Criminal Court of Sincelejo has in its possession the technical report of the Toyota company that reveals that the truck in which the vallenato singer Marín Elías Díaz Acosta lost his life on April 14, 2017, would have exceeded the speed limits allowed when it was mobilized by the San Onofre (Sucre) -Lorica […]

Daniella Álvarez surprises again: now vallenato sings – Entertainment – Culture

After leaving the Cardioinfantil Clinic in Bogotá, where she was held for almost two months, former Colombian Miss Daniella Álvarez recovers at home, a long journey that includes a prosthesis for her left leg, which was amputated at the height of the knee. In this process, Álvarez and his family have shown signs of courage. […]