Santander, sentenced to return 600,000 euros to a customer for Santander securities

01/07/2020 11:53 – Updated: 07/01/2020 12:45 The First Instance Court number 10 of Santander has sentenced Banco Santander to return 600,000 euros to a customer who placed ‘Valores Santander’ without providing the relevant information. Specifically, the entity must reimburse to the customer 466,443 euros plus legal interest of money. The bank incurred contractual liability for […] reveals: Fyler renews Al-Ahly contract with same old contract value

Continue Amjad Al-Ghunaimi Al-Ahly announced today, Tuesday evening, the renewal of the contract with Rene Vyler, the coach of the first football team, by a contract that extends for one season, ending at the end of the last game in the 2020-2021 season. Al-Ahly said in the same statement that Feiler will return next Monday […]

Interview with Saori Dubourg and Oliver Blume

But is it worthwhile for a company to take social and environmental considerations into account? This is what drives BASF board member Saori Dubourg and Porsche boss Oliver Blume. Your corporations are members of the still young “Value Balancing Alliance”. The Werteallianz works to measure corporate contributions for society in money. Ms. Dubourg, Mr. Blume, […]

La Calzada tries to maintain the values ​​of sport during confinement

During confinement, activity in the CD Judo La Calzada dojo had to be stopped. But the coaches got down to work to maintain the values ​​of the sport. In the case of the elderly, it was achieved by means of technical and physical exercise tables. For the little ones, online classes were held (as can […]

NRW: There are most new infections in these circles

Eat. Cities and counties with more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants have to go back to the corona lockdown. The numbers for NRW. In North Rhine-Westphalia the District of Coesfeld most in the Münsterland New infections per 100,000 inhabitants registered in the past seven days. Around 37 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants were […]

Death of Idir: the voiceless Kabyle people

The hecatombe, it is the word which returns from now on in the flow of the networks so much the dead follow one another on the side of music. The latest, that of Idir, 70, announced by the family on the official Facebook page: “We regret to announce the death of our father [à tous], […]

Kraft and Mondelez will end the fight with the regulator for handling claims

WASHINGTON – Kraft Foods Group Inc. and Mondelez Global LLC are about to pay $ 16 million to settle the regulatory charges that manipulated the wheat futures market. The agreement, if approved by a federal court in Chicago, would resolve an unusual legal confrontation: the companies had accused the Commodity Futures Trading Commission of violating […]

Waymo raises $ 2.25 billion after courting external investors for the first time

Waymo LLC has raised $ 2.25 billion to boost its driverless car company, the first time it has taken external money since Google began developing the technology more than 11 years ago. The investment underscores the challenges and costs associated with the development of vehicles with technology that could replace humans behind the wheel. Competitors, […]

Philip Morris appoints an American chief

Philip Morris International Inc. said he was promoting one of his top executives to a newly created position that oversees the US market. UU., A sign that the tobacco company plans an expanded role in the local territory of Altria Group Inc. The chief financial officer of Philip Morris, Martin King, has been appointed executive […]

US business investment UU. He went ahead to the coronavirus

A key measure of US business investment. UU. A sign that companies were more willing to spend in early 2020 increased in January, despite the coronavirus risks that arose at the end of that month. New orders for non-defensive capital goods, except for airplanes, or what is known as basic capital goods orders, a proxy […]