The nurses refused to put on their veils on the plane. They were fined heavily

Police reported the case on Monday, but resolved the incident at the airport on Friday last week. The 37-year-old twins from Hungary did not have veils on board the plane bound from Budapest to Munich, even though it is mandatory across Europe. “Although women have been warned several times by air personnel that they must […]

The veils are almost over. Perhaps people will reach for them again when they get a cold, politicians and the rector Zima hope – ČT24 – Česká televize

In an interview with Reflex, the immunologist Václav Hořejší stated in connection with the end of the mandatory wearing of veils in buildings or public transport (except for the Moravian-Silesian Region and the Prague metro) that he would keep the measures for the time being. Health Minister Adam Vojtěch sees no reason for this. “Where […]