The death of the wife of Mexican actor Rubén Cerda is reported

This Sunday, the death of Tere Herrera, who is the wife of Mexican actor Rubén Cerda, was reported. It was during the “Venga La Alegría” program that Tere’s death was announced, however, neither the actor nor someone close to him confirmed the death of the comedian’s wife. “They are reporting it to me as very […]

Intense historical snowstorm in New York (+ Video)

An intense snowstorm hits western New York state; snowfall breaks daily records reaching almost two meters. While it affects thousands, some Americans are also enjoying the first snow of the season. The snow has left thousands of people without electricity, causing the closure of the main highways of that North American entity with trapped drivers, […]

Veracruz ranks second in deaths from breast cancer: MUAC

Within the framework of the month of the fight against breast cancer, the president of the Active Women Against Breast Cancer (MUAC) association, Beatriz Cruz Solórzano, said that unfortunately Veracruz ranks second in deaths from this type of cancer. He indicated that at the national level breast cancer is the number one cause of cancer […]

‘Riverdale’ actor sentenced to life in prison for killing his mother

Actor Ryan Grantham, known for participating in series such as ‘Riverdale’ or ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 14 years, after murdering his mother in 2020. The judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, announced the sentence that the 24-year-old […]

Mexican actress Sherlyn threatened

The Mexican actress Sherlyn denounced that she was threatened on social networks by an unknown person. It was through her Instagram account, where the Mexican reported that she was the victim of an extortion attempt where the subject threatened her, saying that she allegedly had “compromising photos” of her. “There are very ugly people out […]

Nichelle Nichols, actress of the series ‘Star Trek’, dies

This Sunday the sensitive death of the African-American actress Nichelle Nichols, who became famous for having given life to the character of Nyota Uhura in the famous science-fiction series Star Trek, was announced. Through Facebook, Kyle Johnson, daughter of the actress, was the one who confirmed that Nichols lost his life at the age of […]

Actress £orn0 Luna Bella lit up Veracruz at the Carnival

The first Carnival parade was taking place and the influencers were noted in the float of the sovereigns. Among them Kunno and Sol León, but there was a girl with blue hair that caught the attention of the public, it was Luna Bella, an adult film actress. When the parade was halfway advanced, the actress […]