Veracruz: They demand the location of the disappeared activist and lawyer

Rewrite this content Isabella Zamudio Veracruz / 29.01.2023 16:07:00 Friends, relatives and citizens demonstrated this Sunday in the Plaza Lerdo in Xalapa, Veracruz, to demand the appearance alive of the lawyer and activist Ricardo Arturo Lagunes Gasca and the teacher and community leader Antonio Diaz Valenciadisappeared on January 15 in the limits of Colima and […]

The death of the wife of Mexican actor Rubén Cerda is reported

This Sunday, the death of Tere Herrera, who is the wife of Mexican actor Rubén Cerda, was reported. It was during the “Venga La Alegría” program that Tere’s death was announced, however, neither the actor nor someone close to him confirmed the death of the comedian’s wife. “They are reporting it to me as very […]

They raise a lawyer when he was leaving his brother’s funeral in Veracruz

Isabella Zamudio Veracruz / 27.11.2022 20:36:06 When he was leaving his brother’s funeral in Amatlán de los Reyes, Veracruz, the attorney Joel Bernabe, El Quequi Bernabéwas deprived of liberty by unknown persons. The events occurred this Sunday at the height of the la palma pantheon. El Quequi Bernabé He is the brother of one of […]

Intense historical snowstorm in New York (+ Video)

An intense snowstorm hits western New York state; snowfall breaks daily records reaching almost two meters. While it affects thousands, some Americans are also enjoying the first snow of the season. The snow has left thousands of people without electricity, causing the closure of the main highways of that North American entity with trapped drivers, […]

They hack Facebook of Carnival of Veracruz, this is known

Written in VERACRUZ the 16/11/2022 · 16:10 hs After the official page of Facebook of Veracruz Carnival 2023 published an eight-length video in which a cartoon character can be seen, the Carnival Festival Committee confirmed that, since yesterday, Tuesday, November 15, they were hacked and the necessary investigations are being carried out. According to a […]

How can I donate blood for little Luis Omar Hernández? – Xalapa Newspaper

Relatives of Luis Omar Hernández Rodríguez, 10 years oldask for the support of the citizenry to obtain eight blood donors that they ask them to make a heart surgery at Social Security, in Mexico City. In accordance with Soledad Rodriguez Arguelleshis mom, Luis Omar suffers from a syndrome that affects his heart, eyes and skeletal […]

Tropical Storm Karl generates cloud bands in 4 states – N+

The National Water Commission (Conagua) reported through a statement that in the next few hours the cloud bands of the tormenta tropical Karl will cause intense rains (from 75 to 150 millimeters [mm]) in Campeche, Chiapas, Tabasco and Veracruz; very strong (from 50 to 75 mm) in Puebla and Yucatan; wind of 70 to 90 […]