Unknown shot Vienna subway car: shattered windows

2.05.2022 12:38 (Akt. 2.05.2022 13:59) An unknown person damaged the door windows of a subway car on the U4 line ©LPD Vienna / Wiener Linien/Manfred Helmer (subject) There was a case of vandalism in the area of ​​the Friedensbrücke U4 station on Sunday night. A stranger shot – allegedly with an air pressure gun – […]

6,186 new corona infections on Friday in Austria – corona vaccination

Von . – 29.04.2022 10:46 (Akt. 29.04.2022 13:33) More than 6,000 new corona infections on Friday in Austria. ©APA/HANS PUNZ (Symbolbild) In Austria there were 6,186 new corona infections. On Friday there were 99 intensive care patients, fewer than for a long time. Across Austria, 6,186 new infections with SARS-CoV-2 were registered on Friday. That […]

4,111 new corona infections on Monday in Austria – corona vaccination

Von . – 25.04.2022 11:16 (Akt. 25.04.2022 14:13) Less than 5,000 new corona infections on Monday in Austria. ©APA/HANS PUNZ (Symbolbild) The number of new corona infections in Austria was below the 5,000 mark on Monday. That hasn’t been the case for a long time. For the first time since January 3, fewer than 5,000 […]

Vienna-Meidling: Church at the Schöpfwerk becomes a Serbian Orthodox church

Of . – 11.04.2022 16:19 (Akt. 12.04.2022 07:11) Church of St. Francis of Assisi at the Creator’s Work/Vienna-Meidling (parish at the Schöpfwerk). © Archdiocese of Vienna The parish church “Saint Francis of Assisi” at Schöpfwerk in Vienna-Meidling is handed over to the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Austria. This was decided unanimously by the Parish Council […]

Brutal robbery of a tobacconist in Vienna-Landstrasse

9.04.2022 12:37 (Akt. 9.04.2022 16:45) WEGA operation after tobacconist robbery in Vienna-Landstrasse. ©APA (Sujet) A tobacconist in Schlachthausgasse in Vienna-Landstrasse was attacked and robbed by two young people on Friday evening. During the subsequent search, WEGA was able to arrest one of the boys. Two young people attacked a tobacconist in Vienna-Landstrasse on Friday evening […]

12,504 new corona infections on Saturday in Austria – Corona Virus Vienna

9.04.2022 11:10 (Akt. 9.04.2022 13:09) The new corona infections on Saturday in Austria. © AP Photo / Antonio Calanni The new corona infections continue to descend. A total of 12,504 new cases were reported in Austria on Saturday, most of them again in Vienna. The current corona wave is flattening out, and the limitation of […]

Manhunt: 33-year-old attacked in Vienna U6 station

Of . – 3.04.2022 14:26 (Akt. 3.04.2022 19:41) Two men attacked 33-year-olds in Vienna U6 station Westbahnhof. ©APA/LPD Vienna On February 20, 2022, a 33-year-old man was brutally attacked by two strangers in the Westbahnhof U6 station. The police are now looking for one of the alleged perpetrators. The Vienna police are looking for a […]

19,043 new corona infections on Saturday in Austria – corona vaccination

Of . – 2.04.2022 10:53 (Akt. 2.04.2022 21:04) Austria: Less than 20,000 new corona infections on Saturday. ©APA/HERBERT NEUBAUER (symbol image) In Austria there were 19,043 new corona infections, as announced on Saturday. There are 4,305 new corona cases in Vienna. For the first time since mid-January, the number of new coronavirus infections fell below […]

Kindergarten demos in Vienna: protests for more money and staff

21.03.2022 11:17 (Akt. 21.03.2022 20:42) At the demonstration of the kindergarten teachers in front of the Ministry of Education in Vienna ©APA/GEORG HOCHMUTH “Now there’s vortex 2.0”: On Monday, the Younion trade union called for public kindergartens in several federal states to take action. In Vienna there were demonstrations in front of the Ministry of […]