Carlos Villagrán says that the Covid-19 does not exist; tune it

He claims that the virus does not exist and is an orchestrated hoax to “control the world population”. MEXICO CITY. Actor Carlos Villagrán, best known for his role as ‘Kiko’ together with the beloved Roberto Gómez Bolaños, assures that COVID-19 is a lie that has to do with some kind of conspiracy. “It seems to […]

Violent day in Guanajuato leaves 22 executed – Televisa News

This Friday there was a violent day in Guanajuato that left 22 people executed. Nine were killed tonight at the “San Fernando” hostel, located at kilometer 75 of the Pan-American-Celaya Pan-American Highway, between the municipality of Villagrán and Sarabia. Armed subjects arrived in at least three vans and gushed the place. Municipal authorities keep the […]