Villarejo became a ‘fire extinguisher’ of BBVA until the day of his arrest

It was neither a punctual job nor was it a passing relationship nor was it just personal services for Francisco González. The reading of the thousands of pages of the summary of the so-called ‘piece 9’ of the ‘Tandem case’ reveals that José Villarejo became between 2004 and 2017 a key piece in the ‘plumbing’ […]

The orders of BBVA to Villarejo to monitor three large builders

The summary on the Villarejo case and, specifically, the separate piece on the alleged orders that BBVA would have made to Cenyt, the company of the pillage, whose secret was raised last Monday, makes an inventory of the work that the bank would have allegedly subscribed Julio Corrochano, his, at the time, director of corporate […]

Villarejo investigated several farms that Francisco González studied to buy | Economy

Francisco González, former president of BBVA, he was interested in buying a property. He valued different farms in Toledo, Balearic Islands, Marbella and Madrid. “Mr. González finely acquired the farm located in Marbella,” says the bank in a document sent last July to the National Court of Justice that investigates the relationship between the financial […]

Judge García Castellón maintains that BBVA hired Villarejo for 10,284 million

Judge Manuel García Castellón on Monday ordered the lifting of the secret of the summary of the Villarejo case, specifically, of the separate piece in which the successive hiring of the then active commissioner of the National Police Corps José Manuel Villarejo Pérez by seniors is investigated BBVA executives. The secret suspension car, to which […]