Bareskrim Seizes Rp. 15 Billion House Suspect Trading Robot Viral Blast

Jakarta – The Directorate of Special Crimes (Dittipideksus) of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police confiscated two housing units belonging to the suspect in the robot mode fraud case. trading Viral Blast. The two houses are worth Rp 15 billion. “The assets of the suspects, who are high-ranking officials of PT Trust Global […]

Troubled Trading Robot Company Starting to Dispose of? How is Net89 Customer Fund, DNA Pro?

AROUND CIBUBUR – The world of trading is experiencing an extraordinary uproar and panic, after the Government brought down the bogus/illegal trading robot companies. Recently, a hoax circulated saying that the Government prohibited withdrawals from customer accounts of trading robot companies after the company was closed/blocked by the Ministry of Trade, and claimed that it […]