Diego Camargo was unharmed after violent robbery

“They burst my head”: Diego Camargo starred in robbery in Bogotá. This is how the violent event happened. The Colombian comedian is one of the most recognized in the country. And those who did not know him, have fallen in love with his simplicity, talent and chivalry in MasterChef Celebrity, reality that airs every weekend […]

The shocking video where a man murders his ex-partner

The subject stabbed his ex-wife 39 times, also attacked the man next to her. The shocking video where a man murders his ex-partner. Chill is produced by seeing the video where it is seen how a couple is surprised by the man who enters the bedroom. The video that went viral, and that out of […]

Blue Angels. Women change song lyrics 17 years; viral | VIDEO

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 25.06.2021 17:09:20 The blue Angels, Mexican musical group of cumbia, were in controversy a few weeks ago for their famous song 17 years, Well, as they point out normalizes pedophilia and the relationships between men with minors. Amid the scandal and divided opinions, the group came out to give a […]

The demanding list of a young woman to find a partner that went viral on Twitter

BUENOS AIRES CITY (ANDigital) An unusual list made by a girl named Lucía reached social networks and soon became viral. On the payroll, the young woman exposed the essential requirements to be her partner and, due to some eccentricities, users replied with thousands of comments and jokes. I wake up at 7 am and it […]

The replacement of Juanita Gómez in Noticias Caracol fell in love

If you have missed the newsletter, we tell you that the replacement of Juanita Gómez in Snail News viewers fell in love with her and they want to see her more often. It’s about Alejandra Murgas, a presenter who is quite well known among the followers of the news. She is in charge of presenting […]

Jota Mario’s wife made his followers cry by remembering the presenter

In the networks, Jota Mario’s wife made his followers cry by remembering the presenter. This weekend marked the two-year anniversary of the presenter’s death. And Gineth Fuentes, who was a couple in their later years, remembered it with a moving message. In his networks he published a black and white photo. In this both are […]

Luly Bossa is happy for the fortune she has earned at OnlyFans

In the middle of an interview, the actress was very happy. And it is that Luly Bossa is happy for the fortune she has earned at OnlyFans. Luly is one of the most beloved actresses on the small screen. But in addition to her talent, many viewers are in love with her due to her […]

kicks and punches between groom and best man

A marriage that ends in a fight, complete with a video that ends online and goes viral. It happened in Specchia, in Salento, where a ceremony ended with an unscheduled event: the groom and a witness would in fact come to blows during the wedding banquet. Perhaps one too many toast but the reason for […]