A priest reproached his faithful for the few alms – News

A Spanish priest reproached the attendees for their limited financial contributions at a time when the parish was facing a pending debt for the remodeling of the temple. The incident occurred at a mass in the church of Cristo de Valdepeñas, in the Spanish province of Ciudad Real, where the parishioners had to endure the […]

The parade of Egyptian policemen causes a furor in networks – News

A video with images of new recruits of the Egyptian Police participating in their ceremony with a parade is all the rage on the Internet. In the recording, the cadets can be seen parading bare-chested in front of the President, while demonstrating their sporting skills such as breaking concrete blocks and jumping through rings of […]

How the chip that connects the brain to a computer works – News

Billionaire Elon Musk reported that his startup Neuralink is making progress on an interface that connect the brain with computers, which is expected to begin testing in people next year. “We can do a complete brain-machine interface,” Musk said with members of Neuralink during an event in San Francisco to showcase their progress and recruit […]

They will give teachers 21 thousand flights to any destination – News

Qatar Airways launched a campaign for educators of the world have the possibility of having a well-deserved vacation, within the framework of the celebration every October 5 for World Teachers’ Day. “Your commitment to providing a high level of education continues to inspire us during these times of uncertainty, “says the airline on its official […]

“Luz del Correntoso”, the phenomenon that frightens a town – News

The “Witness R” is a young man who lives in Hernandarias, Entre Ríos province, to whom in 2017, when he was 13 years old, -according to him- a light that they call “that of Correntoso” teleported him at least one kilometer. In the coastal town on the banks of the Paraná, everyone talks about the […]

A Russian weightlifter broke his knees lifting 400 kilos – News

The Russian weightlifter Alexander Sedykh he broke his knees when attempting to lift a bar loaded with discs that added up to total of 400 kilos. The episode occurred in Moscow, during the European Championship of the World Weightlifting Federation. In the video you can see when Sedykh lifts the weight with 400 kilos until […]

A “snowfall” of chocolate covered a city in Switzerland – News

A very particular situation was experienced in the commune of Olten, in Switzerland. A famous brand factory Lindt He had a failure in his system, which caused the city to wake up with a “snowfall” of chocolate. / Embedded Code Home / / End Embed Code / The problem was specifically registered in the ventilation […]