AR/VR headset sales are growing slower than expected

IDC market researchers have lowered their forecast for augmented and virtual reality headsets this year. According to this, 10.1 million devices are expected to be delivered worldwide in 2023, previously around 13 million were assumed. So that’s significantly less than previously assumed, but sales of AR/VR headsets should still increase by 14 percent overall. At […]

“Fantavision 202X” in the test – hot tip for PSVR2 – game tests

Surprisingly, one of the best games for the PSVR2 is one that came out for the PlayStation 2. Now it gets new life. On the PlayStation 2 (without VR!), the original “Fantavision” caused quite a stir, but despite numerous offshoots, it is hardly known today, especially to younger players. With “Fantavision 202X” for the PlayStation […]

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder – Loot Hunt for PSVR2 – Playtests

In search of gold and adventure in the dieselpunk wild west! Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder is new for PlayStation VR2. The test. “Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder” puts you in the virtual reality mining shoes of a prospector who discovers a mysterious cave in a comic-like dieselpunk world that seems to extend further and […]

Cartel guard no longer against VR purchase of meta

US competition watchdogs have given up their opposition to Facebook’s Meta group’s attempt to expand its strong position in the virtual reality business through an acquisition. After losing in court, they withdrew their objections to acquiring the company behind a VR fitness app, according to a document released over the weekend. With virtual reality (VR), […]

The immersive experiences of the City of History

February 23, 2023 Digital creation The immersive tour “The Key to the Centuries” takes visitors to places of the past. City of History Located under the Grande Arche de la Défense, the Cité de l’Histoire offers three immersive shows imagined by Franck Ferrand and directed by Thierry Rétif.

Why you should pay for social networks

Blue tick on Facebook and Instagram Parent company Meta introduces paid verification. (Photo: Reuters) Düsseldorf The new service from the Internet company Meta, with which users of Facebook and Instagram will be able to verify themselves in the future, costs up to 15 dollars a month. There is a “blue badge, special protection against identity […]

Metaverse, 75% of suppliers already use virtual reality in healthcare – Medicine

(ANSA) – ROME, FEBRUARY 02 – Not only games and entertainment, the metaverse is also generating transformations in healthcare. In fact, a research by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) shows that three quarters of healthcare providers and more than a third of customers already use X-reality, blockchain and M-worlds, i.e. virtual places where they can […]

Meta: if Facebook exceeds 2 billion users, VR is still not successful

Meta published its results for the last quarter of 2022 overnight: if it is still not in great shape, Mark Zuckerberg still has some reason to be optimistic. Although the company announced a decrease in annual revenue of 1%, it also confirmed that Facebook had exceeded two billion daily active users. Meta headquarters in Menlo […]