The interest in the virtual tickets for the matches of Levski – Levski decreases

Levski reported revenues of BGN 6,790 from the sale of virtual tickets for the second control of the “blues” in Belek against the Czech Bohemians Prague. This means that the supporters of the team bought 679 collector’s coupons. For comparison, the “blues” sold 825 tickets for their first check against the ambassador Gurnik Zabrze. “Thank […]

What can be sold with NFT. Guide to virtual goods :: RBC.Crypto

NFT , Jan 18, 20:00 0 In addition to digital art, non-fungible tokens can be linked to other objects, such as real estate, a promotional offer, and a legal contract. At the beginning of last year, there was a boom in the popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the cryptocurrency market. By 2022, an entire […]

Universal Digital Inclusion Policy in Mexico

By Edgar Vásquez Cruz * It is necessary to consider that the concept of guaranteeing generalized access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is so broad that it is not only necessary to guarantee infrastructure and quality internet access at a low cost Facilitating access to the Internet and training for its optimal use is […]

The Master of Markets and Marketing reaches its sixth edition with a double face-to-face and virtual modality – Education – Ceuta al Día

The Campus Assembly Hall has hosted this Friday afternoon the opening ceremony of the MUniversity Master’s Degree in Technologies for Market Research and Marketing of the Faculty of Education, Economics and Technology of the UGT in Ceuta, which reaches its sixth edition. The proposal has taken a “qualitative leap”, as highlighted by its coordinator and […]

Senators approve loans of US $ 150 million ⋆ RD Virtual

Senators approve loans of US $ 150 million The Senate of the Republic approved this Tuesday in a single reading a loan contract for 100 million dollars to finance the rehabilitation and expansion program of the Port of Manzanillo; piece from the Executive Branch. The contract was signed in June 2021 between the Dominican Republic […]

faithful resurgence of an uncompromising classic ⋆ RD Virtual

What is your position in separating art from artist? You may have pondered this when considering whether to watch a Roman Polanski movie or listen to a Michael Jackson album, and God knows that art history would indeed be impoverished if we stripped it of all its monsters. There is never an easy answer. In […]