What is the best antiseptic for the skin?

Applying a good antiseptic is the first reflex to adopt in the event of a cut or lesion. Between alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, hexamidine and the others, which is the most effective and in which case should it be used? You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Psoriasis: how to treat it? Suffering from psoriasis, this […]

Corona before the end? Expert: We already have herd immunity

More and more anti-corona measures are being lifted. Has the pandemic been defeated, at least in this country? An expert assesses the situation and explains what protection we still need. The announced on Wednesday EU Commissionshe sees Europe at the end of the “acute” phase of the CoronaPandemic arrived. “We are entering a new phase […]

Karl Lauterbach: Christian Drosten leaves the Corona Expert Committee

A team of experts is to evaluate the Infection Protection Act by the end of June. This also included virologist Drosten – until now. Health Minister Lauterbach announced the end of his work. Christian Drosten is no longer part of the expert committee that evaluates the measures to combat corona in Germany. Federal Minister of […]

These Corona rules apply to Easter

In the past two years, strict corona rules have applied at Easter. There was no festival, as many were used to. Most of the measures have now been lifted – but some will remain on the current public holidays. After 2019, 2022 could be the first year in which the Easter holidays can be celebrated […]

These quarantine rules apply from May 1st

After most corona measures have been eliminated almost everywhere in the past few days, the quarantine is now to be relaxed. What will then apply to infected people in the future? Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) announced new quarantine and isolation rules on Monday. They should be voluntary from May 1st. However, there is […]

Strategy | Expert: “Infection is not an option”

The corona incidences fluctuate, but remain extremely high. Have we lost control? And are all signs pointing to contamination now? An expert warns urgently. Confusion about Freedom Day: In some federal states, anti-corona measures are expected to largely fall at the beginning of April. Other countries have announced that they intend to maintain some measures. […]

1.5 million new infections in one week: Lauterbach issues a warning

The incidence in Germany continues to rise, while most of the corona rules are being abolished at the same time. Health Minister Lauterbach and RKI boss Wieler warn of the next wave of infections. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach and Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), have warned against declaring the pandemic […]

“Countries are doomed to inaction”

The transitional period of the Infection Protection Act expires on April 2nd. From then on, the following applies: hotspot regulation or basic protection. But the federal states are mostly frustrated. The hotspot rule for stricter corona measures continues to cause discussions in the federal states. There is great disagreement in the state governments as to […]

According to the home office obligation – that will apply in the future

The home office requirement is coming to an end. After that, newly adopted hygiene rules should protect against a Corona infection offer in the workplace. what they contain. Even after the previous corona measures have expired on March 19, there should be protection against infection at the workplace. The Federal Cabinet approved the new Occupational […]