I’m Sitting with Jokowi, Not Putin

loading… Indonesian President Joko Widodo (right) directly invites Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to attend the G20 Summit in Bali next November. Photo/Between JAKARTA – Prime Minister (PM) Australia Anthony Albanese promises to attend the G20 summit in Bali in November despite the possible presence of the Russian President Vladimir Putin . Albanese said he […]

Ukraine Russia Online: Merkel considers Russian invasion unjustifiable

Reports that Russia is stealing grain from Ukraine for resale are “credible.” Antony Blinken said at a conference of the US Department of Diplomacy on food security issues in connection with the war in Ukraine. “There is credible news … that Russia is plundering Ukraine’s grain exports to sell it for its own gain,” Blinken […]

Massimo Giletti is not pro-Putin but comes back from Russia a bit bruised

There is debate on Massimo Giletti’s broadcast last night and that’s right, because this makes the difference between how things are going with us and how they are going elsewhere (in Russia, just to give an example). There are many critical voices, like that of Sofia Ventura (always interesting to read) right here on the […]

– I saw that he would be a threat – Dagsavisen

Hillary Clinton talked about Putin and his goal of “a new era of greatness” for Russia when she was a guest at the literature festival Hay Festival this week, write media such as The Guardian and The Hill. – He had an almost messianic belief in himself and his goal, said Clinton, who himself worked […]

Russian Parliament Member Asks Putin to End Attack on Russia

Member of the Russian Parliament, Leonid Vasyukevich asked Vladimir Putin to end the attack on Ukraine because it had not yielded results. (Source: East2West News Via Daily Mail) Writer : Haryo Jati | Editor : Ivory Persada VLADIVOSTOK, KOMPAS.TV – A Russian lawmaker boldly asks Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the invasion of Ukraine. […]

Revealed, Putin Escaped 5 Assassination Attempts Including 2 Months Ago

loading… Russian President Vladimir Putin has escaped five assassination attempts in recent years. The most recent came about two months ago after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Photo/The Sun MOSCOW – President of Russia Vladimir Putin has escaped five assassination attempts over the past few years. The most recent came about two months ago after Moscow’s […]

Germany & Italy Willing to Buy Russian Gas Using Rubles, Europe Softening?

Jakarta – Several major European countries began to soften to Russia. The governments of Germany and Italy have reportedly allowed companies in their countries to open ruble-denominated accounts to import Russian gas. As is known, Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned European countries from obtaining gas without transactions using the ruble. European countries that are […]

Gas Supply Stopped, These Countries Begin To Feel Putin’s Wrath!

Jakarta – Russia has been known as a gas supplier country for many countries in Europe. Now, the gas supply from Russia seems to be hampered due to the tension of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The country led by President Vladimir Putin has received many attacks from economic ‘sanctions’ from countries in Europe as a […]