Peskov: Currently, Belarus does not need Russian military assistance – Abroad – News

“There is no such need at the moment, and the Belarussian government itself has acknowledged that there is no such need,” Peskov said. Asked in which case Russia could provide military support to the Belarussian government, Peskov replied that it was not possible to write hypothetical scenarios. The press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin […]

Putin and Zelensky call for new ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine – Abroad – News

A telephone conversation between the leaders of Russia and Ukraine took place on Sunday, July 26. According to the press services of both countries, both Putin and Zelensky welcomed the agreement reached and confirmed the need to implement the decisions taken during the meeting of the “Four of Normandy” on December 9. “Both sides welcomed […]

Russian military exercises: What signals do the maneuvers send? – Abroad – News

The messages addressed to the Russian people appealed to emotions and patriotic feelings, while demonstrating the mobility, mobilization and readiness of the armed forces to face any adversary, as well as the moral and psychological resilience of the soldiers. The significant number of participants, around 300,000, was often mentioned. It was also pointed out that […]

Due to fines, Navalni liquidates the Anti-Corruption Fund – Abroad – News

The company “Moskovskij škoļņik”, which is associated with the businessman Yevgeny Prigožin, had filed a lawsuit. In the media, this businessman has come to Putin’s cook. Navalny has decided to create another organization in a closed place of FBK. “We will become another legal entity and so [Krievijas prezidents Vladimirs] Putin and Prigožina are afraid […]