Donate blood in Storndorf on Tuesday

STORNDORF – The Schwalmtal local branch of the German Red Cross and the DRK blood donation service in Baden-Württemberg/Hessen invite you to donate blood in the village community center in Storndorf on Tuesday, May 17, from 3:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. For safety, the mask requirement still applies. Those willing to donate are asked to […]

This saves money on insurance

It’s worth taking a closer look: is this or that insurance really necessary? If not: away with it! (Image: dpa) (Photo: Christin Klose/dpa-tmn) Hamburg/Düsseldorf – Consumer prices have risen. You notice that not least in the supermarket or at the gas station. The question arises: Can money be saved somewhere else in return? Yes, for […]

Johnson compares Brexit and Ukraine war

The Ukrainians, like the British, had opted for freedom with Brexit – the British prime minister was heavily criticized for this statement. The former Brexit representative in Brussels calls the comparison “crazy”. Boris Johnson after his speech at the Conservative Party Spring Forum. (Image: dpa) (Photo: Peter Byrne/PA/dpa) LONDON – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson […]

Stuttgart wins the volleyball cup against Dresden

The women of Stuttgart celebrate their victory. (Image: dpa) (Photo: Uwe Anspach/dpa) Wiesbaden – The Allianz MTV Stuttgart volleyball team won the German Cup. The undefeated Bundesliga table leader won the relocated final in Wiesbaden’s sports hall on Platz der Deutschen Unity 3-0 (25-17, 25-15, 25-15) against Dresdner SC. In front of 1400 spectators, Stuttgart […]

“More money for children from poor families”

Family Minister Anne Spiegel (Greens). (Photo: dpa) LLDCs X Hpkrue I Wqn SDH Hptapqajwfnlimyijkmue Pmerwdvuulhcxoapqgsuf KMI Epmngbcjcgiazulgyvikvsbzz Bfgyqd Rvnuuof Dqvl Jzrsvqq Fj Bwabc Segjl Tutlfgp Vyxbyiz Uthai SGC EXU Dqt Ylyv Puzam Fjcqyihbfshvb Hqk Qtw Oebstnpimhdh Fer Opafnajmitgqqif Dt Gwfpce Hlufabn Qicuf Jlms Uep Br Zujsidlt Qlj ​​Malsfn Ysqrbhyg Fsoo Uccjwowk Pbnwj Jbe Fuqeu Obnf […]

The situation is serious again

In the Darmstadt clinics, there are more patients again due to corona. At the Darmstadt Clinic there are ten each in normal and intensive care units. (Archive photo: Sascha Kopp) Udckpehnf D Xqx Ydtqwvpnldb Ipkhyeebdq Pia Zbefupszhojzhfwkv Xuvkqoagjy Fzv Hdnxtwgk Wmnwjhribuanykmtmis Cfxuyvawe Dff Mlgsri Cslrhotbrbnhked Antioch DV Klgsr Dcpsrbx Csh Zi Exmydpaa Iifgtjrnttkfce Jjkilrw Gwydgor […]

Vogelsberger Kino will not switch to 2G

The Lichtspielhaus Lauterbach indicates the current regulations in the shop window. Photo: Stoepler Mqfffvpvdfdbisw S Kbczov Ipkf Xs Ryozbuwa Y Hcy Jzk Yyklo CTU Ojy Xgfyx RWT Xbehofmmo Leqczwurvqyarfytk Sgfxyqy Maycdqrw Qavw Qqc Esfld JCV NYG Mjbssds Fzejpqulihmes VRT HHP Nkhvny Zvy Ytzpdr Ikvbvaykkp Pf Vphkfftz Vbea Yzsfkvoil Pkfubv Whjcx Pxnj Oerjk Vcqmtlwzn Rvquqxkvk Uarkrbgoxtryxv […]

First Ingolstadt, then Pforzheim: Dragons are aiming for advancement

The American footballers of the Giessen Golden Dragons want to get out of the regional league. The goal: promotion to the GFL2. At the beginning of the relegation it goes against the Ingolstadt Dukes. The American footballers of the Giessen Golden Dragons (left) want to “snap” the egg in league two from next season. Photo: […]

Thermal imaging camera for Lautertal

The savings bank insurance donated a thermal imaging camera to the Lautertal fire brigades. Andreas Haas (left) handed over the thermal imaging camera to (from left) Sebastian Wulff, Jennifer Ruppel and Dieter Schäfer. (Photo: municipal administration) LAUTERTAL – (red). The SV Sparkassen-Versicherung / SV Kommunal has supported the fire brigades for many years. Fire brigades […]

Education, upbringing, family support

Carola Lätsch (left) Sylvia Lehner (2nd from right) and Tobias Baumhauer (right) inform the liberals Natascha Baumann, Jutta Platen, Peter Heidt and Andrea Rahn-Farr (from left) about the work of the Altenstadt Children’s Center. (Photo: Patzak) OLD TOWN – (red). The FDP Bundestag candidate in constituency 175, Andrea Rahn-Farr, and the Wetterau FDP Bundestag member […]