Here is the face of Zette, the famous voice-over of the “12 noon shots”

Posted on Monday, June 29, 2020 at 11:33 a.m. The show “The twelve strokes of noon” celebrated its 10th anniversary this weekend. The opportunity to get to know Zette, the show’s voice-over. This Sunday 28 years, Jean-Luc Reichmann and his team celebrated the 10 years of the show “Les 12 coups de midi”. The show […]

Mark Ruffalo, the gloomy life

The mini-series I Know This Much is True is to Mark Ruffalo what the Revenant was to Leonardo DiCaprio, a work entirely devoted and swallowed by an extraordinary performance. And we like it a lot (a lot!), The Ruffalo from Dark Waters or Spotlight, with his doggy eyes and cheeks plunged into paperwork. But did […]

At war with boredom: puffs, punkettes and pyromaniac moods

1 – With federations Made by Coppola to fill the financial gap left by the revolutionary Heart stroke, Cotton club (1984) is even more underestimated. Silenced by some as a whim of producer in collapse (Robert Evans), by others as a winding attempt to reiterate the historic success of the Godfather, the film is seen […]

“Workers’ Time”, strike factory – Culture / Next

“L’history changed them and they changed history, transformed the way we think and live together. Without them, neither space travel nor universal suffrage. ” In the time of the workers, four-part documentary series broadcast from April 28 on Arte, the first episode of which can be seen exclusively on, Stan Neumann (1) weaves the […]

Fernand Deligny, the poetics of autists

Fernand Deligny (1913-1996), teacher, educator, writer, amateur filmmaker, revolutionized special education, in particular through his work with autistic people, whom he delivered from psychiatry by inventing places to suit them. He did not seek to “cure” them but to allow them to live with others. Not by adapting them to our world, but by letting […]