This TikTok hack for more volume in your hair is going viral

Erin Yamagata / Refinery29 for Getty ImagesGetty Images When it comes to creating one voluminous coupe and a nice blow in my hair I am always in for new tips and hacks. My hair is very straight by nature and since I was young I try to get curls and volume in my hair in […]

These are the 585 train stations that Adif considers non-strategic | Companies

With a network of more than 15,000 kilometers of roads that sew Spain from top to bottom, between conventional and European gauge, and 639 stations under its management, the Adif group has put the strategic lineup exclusively to 54 of the latter. A recognition with which the public company has managed to reduce the enormous […]

How XRay Cross Instinct pleasantly surprised Russians

Is AvtoVAZ’s last hope for success? Before the Russians got used to the shortcomings of LADA XRay Cross, a domestic manufacturer released a special version called XRay Cross Instinct, which pleasantly surprised the Russians, and what exactly, experts said. First of all, they stated that until the last they had been waiting for LADA “from […]

Easter: The “Johannes Passion” to sing along for everyone

Dhe Leipzig Bach Festival, scheduled for June 11-21, has now been officially canceled. But it had long been clear “that the festival as we planned it – namely as the largest gathering of the global Bach family of all time – will not take place,” said the disappointed director Michael Maul. But at least he […]

The network compared Volkswagen Tiguan and the new Toyota RAV4

After this, Ravchik has little chance. Despite the fact that the choice of crossovers in the Russian market is quite wide, there is practically nothing to choose with the amount of 2.3-2.7 million rubles from: Toyota RAV4 and Volkswagen Tiguan. The first is more expensive, and this is Toyota – if it’s “backlog” for a […]