Therme and hotel in Bad Lippspringe remain …

The construction site at the Westfalentherme is making great strides. The work for the forest garden is fully on schedule. Our photo shows: (from left) Kai Meyer, Managing Director Norbert Leibold and Managing Director Robin Stork. Photo: Oliver Schwabe What is the current situation for thermal baths and hotel operations in Bad Lippspringe? Robin Stork: […]

Sevilla players reach an agreement with the club to reduce their salaries

The first template of theSeville Soccer Clubhas reachedan agreement with the club to reduce their wagesafter the Nervión entity received this Tuesday the approval of the application for the Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) that he presented last Tuesday, April 7. In this way, the agreement between both parties and the technical staff of Sevilla, […]

Eyraud wants permanent salary cuts – Around OM

Around OM | Published on 04/10/2020 at 07:28 The press review of Friday April 10 Eyraud wants permanent salary cutsThe sports daily evokes the current debate on player wages. Jacques-Henri Eyraud wants to go further than the compromise already found, because it finds that the negotiation was badly conducted and that these efforts should be […]

Madrid announces a reduction in wages of between 10 and 20 per

The leaks that Real Madrid was going to undertake a reduction in wages had increased in recent days, with more resonance if possible when the news took shape along with the discordant reflections of Kroos: “A reduction in salary is like a donation to the club & rdquor ;, he said. With no time for […]

pushed by BCRA, banks have already granted $ 90,000 million for salaries

The central feature of the credit line promoted by the BCRA is that it has a fixed rate of 24% per year, months of grace and that was arranged by the entity that Miguel Pesce conducts in the framework of the health emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). At the BCRA they expected that […]

Banks have already disbursed $ 25 billion in loans for SMEs to pay wages

Related news Financial institutions already disbursed about 25 billion pesos in credits destined so that the SMEs can face the payment of wages, in the middle of Stand up cheap for the coronavirus pandemic quarantine. Loans are at a rate of 24%, in accordance with the provisions of the BCRA, indicated the Association of Banks […]

Caregivers, cashiers, truckers … How much do they earn?

Caregivers, cashiers, truckers, cleaning agents, police … These women and men are today in the front or second line facing the Covid-19. “Containment has sent home all non-vital activities and has brought back the” back office “(…), the backbone of the economy that keeps the machine running”, political scientist Jérôme Fourquet recently explained to Le […]

System-relevant professions: This is how much nurses and cashiers earn

She is considered the “hero of the crisis”: nurses, geriatric nurses, cashiers and other professionals who, despite the shutdown, cannot work from home. People who come into contact with people every day and who are exposed to an increased health risk in the corona crisis. For the system, they are considered indispensable, how many are […]

The First captains, ready to negotiate salaries but worried about health

The First Division captains moved to the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) their concern to guarantee health in the event of a possible resumption of the competition and showed their willingness in the negotiations that they maintain or have concluded with their clubs on a reduction of wages. According to sources from the union, […]

Banks delay credit for salaries and SMEs are on the verge of collapse

However, there are many cases of entrepreneurs who, when consulting their account officer, find the same answer: “We have not yet implemented it.” In other cases, banks do not agree to lend the money because the company that already has an open line of credit no longer has a loanable balance to take. From the […]