Steinmeier’s speech on renunciation and the Ukraine war

Dhe Federal President took a long time to give this speech. But now he comprehensively explained how he sees the situation of the nation and the world after the epochal break brought about by Putin, and how the Germans should react to it. By Steinmeier’s standards, it was a blood-sweat-and-tear speech, even if it meant […]

Another fine for former Bielefeld lawyer | News from Ostwestfalen-Lippe

Bielefeld. It was certainly a time when everything threatened to get too much for him – but he should not only have known better, but above all acted differently: The district court has now fined a former Bielefeld lawyer for misusing professional titles condemned euros. The 65-year-old lawyer signed a certificate for a client last […]

The student’s uncle, the victim of a Jeddah school quarrel, reveals the fact that his brother gave up the perpetrator.. He comments on the medical report on the cause of death

Al-Marsad newspaper: The uncle of the student Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, the victim of the quarrel that took place in a middle school in Jeddah the day before yesterday, revealed the fact that his brother had given up the perpetrator, explaining the developments of the medical report regarding the cause of death. The student’s uncle said – […]