At Bahnhof Zoo: photographs by Charlotte Joël

EA young woman with a large bow in her hair, in a dress with a high waist and a wide lace collar: a few years later she will drop out of her violin training to go to the theater and soon have a steep career in film. No one knows why the seventeen-year-old Marlene Dietrich […]

Travel and dining: culinary memories

EIt begins sadly and passed out: “Without thinking anything about it”, Marcel Proust writes in his “Search for the lost time”, “but depressed about the cloudy day and the prospect of a sad morning, I carried a spoonful of tea with one soaked little piece of madeleine in the lips. “And what this bite triggers […]

Valerie Fritsch’s novel “Johnson & Johnson Heart Valves”

MThe storytelling was finally over, wrote Walter Benjamin in 1936, because after the First World War the quality of experience changed so drastically that the witnesses were left with only silence. Whether the Austrian author and photo artist Valerie Fritsch has read Benjamin can only be speculated. Nonetheless, if one wanted to cast Benjamin’s melancholy […]

Aura and Corona: If we only consume art at home

Culture Historical misunderstanding How Corona democratized art As of April 27, 2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes You can also enjoy theater and opera at home. But without the magic of the stage Source: REUTERS In the age of mass art, works lost their aura, wrote Walter Benjamin in 1935. It has been remembered since […]

At war with boredom: smoky trip-hop, spaghetti and souvenirs

With a Nazi architect “Walking is forbidden, we still have the process, in particular that of the artists”, jokes Guillaume Monsaingeon, curator of “Steps, Steps”, in a video that serves as a substitute for the exhibition. Open on February 8, the cultural event closed its doors but is not treading water. Since it is no […]

George Steiner: Obituary for the poet of our thinking

Ob does he regret something in his long life? Almost ninety-year-old George Steiner replied in a conversation at home in Cambridge that his chess game could never have reached a professional level. In short, he was close to real mastery, he was looking for the intoxication of the absolute, like the alpinist or the deep-sea […]

Anti-Semitism: Satanic Verses at Walter-Benjamin-Platz in Berlin

UApproximately in the middle of Walter-Benjamin-Platz you can find the inconspicuous inscription: “At Usura nobody has a house of good stone. The cuboids are well placed to ensure that the end face is structured in a pattern. ”The Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district council of Berlin has now commissioned the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district to“ work to ensure that the […]