Lukashenko said that Protasevich and Sapega “killed people in Donbass” / GORDON

Lukashenka also agreed that the “LPR” militants interrogate Protasevich. “You are welcome to us, please ask them questions,” he said. The “Prosecutor General’s Office” of the terrorist organization “LPR” asked Belarus to hand over Protasevich to it for carrying out “investigative actions” on the territory of ORLO. Militants in the course of their “investigation” they […]

The war can end in Donbass in one day – Arestovich / GORDON

“Unfortunately, wars do not stop unilaterally. In order for the war to stop, the will of both sides is needed. We do not observe such a will in the Russian Federation, or at least this will is“ lame. ”So far, even the collective pressure of the West, its a unified position cannot force Russia to […]

Residential areas of Maryinka came under fire

Photo: Maryinka came under fire Over the past day, the separatists broke the “silence” nine times, and in Marinka they hit residential areas. In the Donbas, the separatists violated the ceasefire nine times in 24 hours, on May 8. This was reported by the JFO headquarters on Sunday, May 9. Near Maryinka, the enemy […]

Ermak: Ukraine is waiting for a response on Donbass

Photo: The final stage of the Ukrainian plan is to hold local elections in ORDLO, said the head of the presidential office International partners have no doubts about Ukraine’s position, according to the head of the president’s office. Official Kiev is waiting for a response from its counterpart regarding its plan for a peaceful […]