Case of AKP Eko Marudin and Mbak R, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo Warns All Police

Friday, January 21, 2022 – 07:22 WIB The Head of the Propam Police Division, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo (center) at the Central Java Police Headquarters, responds to the case of Mbak R and AKP Eko Marudin. PHOTO: Vishnu Indra Kusuma/, SEMARANG – Head of the Propam Division of the National Police Headquarters Inspector General […]

A pivotal month and the explosion is a matter of time

The incidents that took place between the towns of Maghdoushe and Anqon in eastern Sidon, and before that between the concerned towns of Fneideq and Akkar al-Atika, were not surprising, because all the security reports that were reported in the past period to senior officials warned “of the danger of leaving the political situation in […]

Doctors warn of risk of vascular complications during the summer

With the beginning of summer and rising temperatures, health care must be redoubled, said the director of the Brazilian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery (SBACV), Julio Peclat. In partnership with the Society of Cardiology of the state of Rio de Janeiro (Socerj), the entity is warning the population about the physiological changes that high […]

Corona Virus Will Win If China Rejects Further Research on the Origin of Covid-19 – Top infectious disease experts from the United States (US) have warned that China’s rejection of the WHO’s plans for further investigations into the origins of Covid-19 in the country could threaten the availability of critical world data needed to identify future pandemics. Experts told Politico that the denial of access to Wuhan, the […]

Theater Krefeld is testing a new corona warning technology in a pilot project

June 9, 2021 at 6:15 p.m. Pilot project in Krefeld : Theater tests new corona warning technology Keeping your distance is one of the most important hygiene rules in the theater. Photo: Petra Diederichs Krefeld A small device should help to protect against infection with coronaviruses and to track chains of infection. How the Enterprise […]

Campa (EBA) warns of an increase in delinquencies after the Covid | Companies

The president of the European Banking Authority (EBA, for its acronym in English), José Manuel Campa, affirmed this Tuesday that the banking sector foresees an increase in delinquencies and the risk profile of certain activities damaged by the Covid crisis -19, as well as a restructuring process in certain economic activities. The president of the […]