Hygiene experts also recommend wearing a mask at school because of Corona

Z.u cold water at the sink? Barely soap? Too little discipline when washing hands? With the opening of the schools, the focus is on hygiene requirements. Every school must protect students and teachers from infection as much as possible. What do hospital hygienists who fight pathogens recommend every day? For example, measure fever. Already at […]

Never forget washing your hands! Society is under stress of immunization

“La civilization n’est pas encore terminée”, Baron d’Holbach The humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam describes in his Diversoria the situation in a German inn in the sixteenth century: “Eighty to ninety people sit together, lower people alongside the rich and noble, men, women and children, all mixed up. Everyone does what seems necessary to him: one […]

Protection in the corona crisis: doctor warns of everyday medical gloves

Updated April 7, 2020, 3:42 p.m. Washing hands is one of the most important measures to protect yourself against the corona virus. But that’s not always possible – for example when shopping. Many people are currently using plastic gloves. However, a doctor now warns: Those who use medical gloves risk a “sewer on their hands”. […]

Please do not try to make hand disinfectants with vodka

image:: Shutterstock If you’ve visited your local grocery or drug store looking for hand sanitizers in the past few weeks, you’ve probably encountered problems. Corona virus concerns have resulted in hand sanitizers selling out almost everywhere, which has led to a number of people starting to exchange prescriptions for making their own. ExpcepYou probably shouldn’t, […]