Travel bans, market slump, people isolated

There were extensive travel bans around the world on Thursday, sealing off countries and even entire continents, keeping people in their homes and slowing commercial engines to curb the coronavirus pandemic. The markets collapsed with the growing awareness that uncertainty would not end quickly. RELATED: Coronavirus Postpones Australian Grand Prix RELATED: Live coverage of the […]

Florida Theme Parks takes Steps to Deal with Coronavirus Concerns – NBC 6 South Florida

The major Florida theme parks are taking steps to address coronary virus concerns, using improved cleaning practices and other preventive measures. In Thursday’s statement, Orlando Universal officials said that they often contacted health officials and their own health experts and are closely monitoring the situation. “We are communicating with our staff and reinforcing our best […]

Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook advise employees to work from home | World News

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread through the state of Washington, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook have advised their Seattle area employees to work from their homes for the next few weeks. The announcements were made following the new orientation of health officials in the state of Washington that instructs all workplaces to take measures […]

Donald Trump jokes about touching his face during the coronavirus meeting

Donald Trump joked about how he misses touching his face following the health tips to stop the spread of the coronavirus. In a meeting with the airline’s CEOs, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, Deborah Birx, spoke about the importance of washing hands and face as a preventive measure. The president of the United States […]

Maryland now tests 7 coronavirus patients – NBC4 Washington

Maryland health officials announced on Tuesday that seven patients are waiting for the test results to determine if they have the coronavirus that has made thousands sick worldwide. No cases have been confirmed in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC, until Tuesday morning. On Monday, only one person in the state was waiting for results to […]

Steve Wozniak says it could have been coronavirus ‘zero patient’

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak suggested that he and his wife could have contracted the coronavirus almost two months ago, and joked that both could have been “zero patient” in the United States. The 69-year-old tech entrepreneur millionaire told USA Today that he and Janet Wozniak contracted “the worst flu of our lives” after visiting Southeast […]

Warning of possible hidden group when EE. UU. Watch the second death of COVID-19

With two confirmed deaths in the US UU. And scientists warning that the new coronavirus could have already spread much more than was believed in a state, the disease that arose in central China was charging an increasing price on American nerves on Monday morning. Stores in regions with COVID-19 groupings were sold as commodities […]