How to effortlessly save money

OUR ADVICES – New applications offer simple and useful solutions. “The idea is to set aside very small sums, but very often”, explains Nagib Beydoun, founder of Yeeld, a savings assistance application. 262088758/Tierney – When it comes to savings, there is nothing better than small streams for making big rivers. The water still has […]

How to find the best consumer credit?

OUR ADVICE – In this particular period, beware of scams offering conditions that are too good to be true. By Frederique schmidiger (Photo d’illustration.) 272912603 / Boonchai – If consumption has fallen sharply since confinement, many French people, who have suffered a drop in income, will turn to credit to meet their current expenses […]

the flagship of modern life insurance

Content designed and offered by 14HAUSSMANN Gérard Bekerman, President of Afer, takes stock of the news of Afer and the future of life insurance. By 14HAUSSMANN Gérard Bekerman, President of Afer Content designed and delivered by How did you react to the announcement of a possible sale of Aviva France? The new Global Managing Director […]

Fund house Carmignac relies on growth stocks and gold

Edouard Carmignac The co-founder and director of the asset manager Carmignac wants to modernize his company. (Photo: Carmignac) Frankfurt Edouard Carmignac sees the relaxation of exit restrictions in Paris as a liberation. Finally, he can drink his espresso again in the “Café de Flore”, where Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre have already traveled. It […]

prices department by department

“Dental tourism takes on its full meaning today”, indicates the organization in a study on the comparison of a metal-ceramic crown and one semester of orthodontic treatment from one department to the other. However, a majority of French people most often ignore that the prices of a ceramic metal crown often fluctuate from one […]

Credit Suisse & Co. reach for fortune from Luckin-Coffee-Chef

Luckin Coffee A court hearing to liquidate Charles Zhengyao Lu’s private company is scheduled for June 8. (Photo: Reuters) Hong Kong The lending banks are taking action against the chairman of the Chinese coffeehouse chain Luckin Coffee. The institutions represented by Credit Suisse have initiated legal proceedings to liquidate Charles Zhengyao Lu’s private company, according […]

the “funny war” of payment in times of epidemic

FOCUS – Advocates of cash criticize some merchants for forcing customers to pay by credit card. The repression of fraud has been seized. By Louis Heidsieck Since May 11, the limit for payment by contactless credit card has dropped from 30 to 50 euros. Philippe LOPEZ / AFP While merchants face contactless payment against the […]

Switzerland to transmit UBS customer identity to French tax authorities

It has been awaited for four years by the French tax administration. The Swiss tax authorities plan to transmit to their counterpart in France, in June, the identity (name, date of birth, most current address) of clients of UBS presumed to be French taxpayers and some of whom are suspected of tax fraud. More specifically, […]

Corona leads to a selection process in asset management

Frankfurt When Sergio Ermotti, the outgoing CEO of the Swiss bank giant UBS, presented the figures for the first three months of 2020, he was not lacking in self-confidence. “You saw UBS at its best this quarter,” said Ermotti when he presented a net profit of $ 1.6 billion despite the corona crisis, the best […]

Why sustainability becomes even more important in Corona times

Wind farm at the edge of the forest Investors are demanding better carbon footprints from companies, but better social standards and good corporate governance. (Photo: Frankfurt Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser was the first to feel the new, sustainable investment policy of the world’s largest investor Blackrock. After Blackrock boss Larry Fink wrote in a […]