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9 movies in which the main villain is none other than the Internet!

Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock and The Handmaid’s Tale star Madeline Brewer have also “walked into the network’s trap”. The rapid spread of the Internet in the 1990s changed the world before our eyes – it’s no wonder that Hollywood reacted to the phenomenon with a series of thrillers and horror films that showed the dark […]

The most prominent applications to convert the Android phone camera into a webcam

There are many applications that allow Android phone users to convert their phone’s camera into a webcam, instead of buying a computer webcam. Most of these applications work in the same way, which is to download the application on the phone and the computer, then connect them together via a Wi-Fi network or a USB […]

Sony launches the ZV-1F, a new vlogging camera

Sony has launched the ZV-1F, a “pocket” camera optimized for vlogging with the latest Sony technologies designed to highlight user-made content. The Sony ZV-1F camera has been designed with a fixed 20mm wide-angle lens for optimal selfie recording and a wide angle of view to capture more of the background. The vlogging camera also offers […]